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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Turkish Super League Sunday Wrap:Kayseri Captures The Second Place

After winning away match on Sunday Kayserispor moved within a point of Super League leaders Bursaspor!

The other team, Trabzonspor who plays on Monday night could capture the second place from Kayseri if they win their match in Konya against Konyaspor.....

Ersen Martin had put Kasimpasa ahead after 11 minutes but Marcelo Zalayeta got Kayseri back on level terms three minutes later and Alexander Amisulashvili scored the goal for Kayseri.


WE saw two different Besiktas on Sunday....

First half Besiktas played like a team but in the second half they looked totally diffident team on the pitch...

After scoring two goals , Besiktas team gave up on the pitch and Sivasspor scored thanks to huge mistake by Besiktas defense!

And in the closing minutes of the match, Besiktas was save by wood works!

Sivasspor shot came off the post.............

Bobo and Necip scored for Besiktas while Ricardo Pedriel scored Sivas's only goal...

Also on Sunday, Buca lost at home agauinst Istanbul Buyuksehir 0-2 and Genclerbirligi beat Manisa at home with 2-0 score.


1 Bursaspor 10 7 3 0 19-5 24
2 Kayserispor 10 7 2 1 15-5 23
3 Trabzonspor 9 6 2 1 23-7 20
4 Fenerbahce 10 5 3 2 25-12 18
5 Antalyaspor 10 5 2 3 14-14 17
6 Besiktas 10 5 1 4 16-11 16
7 Buyuksehir 10 5 1 4 11-9 16
8 Galatasaray 10 5 1 4 14-13 16
9 Karabukspor 10 4 3 3 15-14 15
10 Ankaragucu 10 4 2 4 16-16 14
11 Manisaspor 10 4 0 6 15-18 12
12 Gaziantepspor 10 2 5 3 6-8 11
13 Genclerbirligi 10 3 2 5 9-16 11
14 Eskisehirspor 10 2 4 4 7-10 10
15 Bucaspor 10 1 4 5 5-10 7
16 Sivasspor 10 1 4 5 9-22 7
17 Konyaspor 9 1 3 5 9-17 6
18 Kasimpasa 10 0 2 8 7-28 2

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Turkish Super League Saturday Wrap.....

Three matches played and only three goal scored on Saturday in the Turkish SPOR TOTO Super League on Saturday!

All of the three goal came in the Galatasaray , Antalya match....

Galatasaray beat Antalyaspor 2-1 at home thanks to goals from Servet Cetin (31) and Juan Pablo Pino (34), with Musa Nizman scoring for Antalyaspor.

In the Saturday's early games, Eskisehirspor and Ankaragucu and Gaziantepspor and Karabukspor finished the matches scoreless !

So, Galatasaray with a win, moved up to sixth place with 16 points....

On Friday, League leader Bursaspor came back to tied the match against Fenerbahce, with 1-1 score!

This score was not good for both teams!

With this draw, Burssaspor invited the others to be part of this race, for the top and the gap might be only one point with either Trabzon or Kayseri or Both!

Bursaspor have 24 points and Kayseri and Trabzon have 20 points before their matches on Sunday and Monday!

On Sunday, If Kayseri wins their away match they could move up to the second place..

Also on Sunday Besiktas with a win, could push Galatasaray out of the sixth place...

Kayserispor will face Kasimpasa in Istanbul and Besiktas will be home against Sivasspor..

Sivaspor just hired former Besiktas coach Riza Calimbay to coach the team!

On Monday, Trabzonspor will travel to Konya to play Konyaspor....

(Just to remind you ,Turkiye already spring back the clocks one, the time difference is 6 hours with United States...)

Here is the matches.....

31 Oct 2010
14:30 CET Genclerbirligi ? : ? Manisaspor
14:30 CET Kasimpasa ? : ? Kayserispor
16:30 CET Bucaspor ? : ? Buyuksehir
18:00 CET Besiktas ? : ? Sivasspor

01 Nov 2010
19:00 CET Konyaspor ? : ? Trabzonspor

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The flying Black Eeagles of Turkey (Besiktas) are not flying high in the Turkish Super League lately!..

In the domestic leagues, they lost three matches back to back and lost the match against Porto in the Europa League.

On Monday night football match In Turkey, Kayserispor beat Besiktas in the closing minutes of the match by young Furkan Ozcal goal.

Who is this young Furkan?

He is a product of German soccer ....

He started his career with 1860 Munich and later signed three year contract with Kayseri on 18 June 2008.

There are at least six young Turkish players like Furkan, who came from Germany!

Kayserispor's General Manager Suleyman Hurma, has been with this club long time and he know the Germany market too.

I think he is the only real deal general manager in Turkish foootball in my opinion!

On the other hand, The team who out spend every team in the league .....

Besiktas, the team with full of stars, can't win!

I guess, money some time does not buy you championship........

It looks like, money isn't going to buy the championship this season, for Besiktas..

Besiktas is 10 points behind League leader, Bursaspor!

And they have the most expensive team and one of the most expensive coach on the sideline..

Yet, they have lost four matches back to back!

When Ricardo Quaresma does not play Besiktas team can't win a match...

Ricardo Quaresma, is injured ........

And he is not the only one , there are many players from defense and midfield injured!

So, after this lost Besiktas is in Seventh place while Kayseri recaptured the third place with 20 points!

Now , Tell me, why star studded Besiktas, can't win games, while your Anaatolian team Kayserispor, who invested in Turkish youth, wins games?

Because, they are more hungry and they play hungry on the pitch...

That is why!

See you soon.....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bursaspor Back On Top In Turkey!

Is this the sign of Turkish football quality in Turkey?

The number one team in Turkey and Last year champs Bursaspor has not scored a goal in the UEFA's Champions League yet but, They scored five goals in Ankara in the first 45 minutes!

Bursasapor after falling behind in the first seven minutes to Ankaragucu came back and scored five unanswered goals in Ankara in the early match on Sunday..

Bursa recaptured the top spot from Trabzon after this win with 23 points...

Ankaragucu had a good start and Stanislav Sestak scored the opener after just seven minutes.

Ibrahim Ozturk even the score , 16th minute later and Turgay Bahadir made it 1-2 in the 27th. Another five minutes later, Ömer Erdogan added a third.

Further goals from Ivan Ergic and Sercan Yildirim handed Bursaspor a 1-5 lead at the end of the first half.....

An the match ended with this score...

The Turkey's derby match between Fenerbahce and Galatasaray ended scoreless ...

Before the biggest derby of Turkey match everyone thought Fenerbahce was going to win this match!

What happened in two days that Galatasaray team has changed?

That awful team that we watched last week against Ankaragucu..

Was this the Hagi and Tugay factor or Players not wanting Rijkaard as their coach?

These are the questions should be answered by Galatasaray...

Fenerbahce's keeper Volkan Demirel made a huge difference in this derby match..

In the last minutes of the match Pino from Galatasaray team as a striker caused a lot problems for Fenerbahce defense!

Galatasaray might be happ with this draw but Fenerbahce team missed the chance top move up in the standings...

Elsewhere on Sunday, Manisaspor beat Kasimpasa at home with 2-1 score...

The 9th week results...

22 Oct 2010
FT Karabukspor 1 : 2 Eskisehirspor
FT Sivasspor 1 : 1 Bucaspor
23 Oct 2010
FT Antalyaspor 1 : 0 Konyaspor
FT Buyuksehir 1 : 0 Gaziantepspor
FT Trabzonspor 3 : 1 Genclerbirligi
24 Oct 2010
FT Ankaragucu 1 : 5 Bursaspor
FT Fenerbahce 0 : 0 Galatasaray
FT Manisaspor 2 : 1 Kasimpasa
25 Oct 2010
19:00 CET Kayserispor ? : ? Besiktas


Trabzonspor came back from behind to beat Genclerbirligi on Saturday....

Turkish Super League 9th week, opened with two matches on Friday and there were three matches played on Saturday.

On Sunday, there will be derby match and more....

Bursaspor will have fight back in Ankara to get back the top spot!

Also on Sunday, Manisaspor will host winless team in the league Kasimpasa...

The 9th week will close on Monday Night with Kayseri hosting Besiktas.


Trabzonspor showed second-half fightback to beat Genclerbirligi 3-1 and and captured the top

spot in the league at least until Sunday.

Trabzonspor and Bursaspor are dead locked at 20 points.....

Genclerbirligi scored first when Serkan Calik's 32nd-minute goal gave them a half-time lead.

Some how, they managed to stay front until the 68th minute when Burak Yilmaz scored the first

goal for Trabzon, and four minutes later substitute Jaja put Trabzonspor 2-1 ahead.

Umut Bulut made it 3- 1 with nice header goal...

Antalyaspor climbed to third place with a 1-0 victory over Konyaspor, with a 31st-minute strike

from Kerem Seras. Konyaspor, who sit second-bottom, had substitute Emre Toraman sent off in the last minute.

In the early match on Saturday,Istanbul Buyuksehir beat Gaziantepspor 1-0 with Tevfik Kose's only goal.

On Friday, Karabuk lost at home agasinst Eskisehirspor 1-2 and Sivasspor tied Bucaspor at home 1-1

Karabuk had a chance to capture the third place in the standings but, they were not successful!

Sivasspor coach Mesukt Bakkal was fired by Sivas team and Riza Calimbay hired for his place to coach Sivasspor.


On Sunday, All eyes and ears will be glued to the LIG TV for the Turkey's biggest derby match between Fenerbahce and Galatasary....

The early match between Ankaragucu and Bursaspor score will effect this derby match too...

Wounded Lions of Galatasaray, will take the pitch, with their new coach duet Geoarge Hagi and his assistant Tugay Kerimoglu.....

After Unfairly firing ,Rijkaard, Galatasaray with a lot of injuries on the team will have rough time in Kadikoy, against Fenerbahce!

Going in to this match, Fenerbahce is in front of Galatasaray in the standings with 16 points..

Galatasaray after losing to Ankaragucu, last weekend, which cost Rijkaard to his job, they are at 14 points!

With a win, Fenerbahce could pull in one point behind Trabzonspor maybe Bursaspor too!

A tie will not be good to either team............

Both teams will play for win , on Sunday!

In my opinion, the goal keepers will decide the outcome of this match...........

Galatasaray have a big isue in the goal and also on defense plus they have no one to score!

Arda Turan and Milan Baros is out for sure....

On the other hand , Fenerbahce has a better midfield for this match...

The defense could spell problems, when they are, under pressure .....

Galatasaray have not won at Kadıkoy since 1999, last time Galatasaray won the match in Kadikoy Hagi was the coach for Galatasaray!

That is why there are many reason to watch this Turkey's biggest derby match between Fenerbahce and Galatasaray...

I juts hope and pray ,it will be good football all the way not ugly football!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Besiktas Hosting Porto

Besiktas hosting Portugal's Porto team in Istanbul.. The leading pair of UEFA Europa League Group L, will meet in Istanbul and for their Matchday-3 encounter which will possibly pave the way for top spot for one of the teams in the group. Besiktas and Porto both won their first two games. Besiktas defeated Bulgary's CSKA Sofia 1-0 in Istanbul and had a 1-2 away victory over Austria's Rapid Wien. Porto toppled Rapid Wien 3-0 in their first group game at home and beat CSKA Sofia 0-1 in an away game. The match will kick off at Istanbul's Inonu Stadium at 20:00 Local Turkey Time (13:00,ET)

Hagi Will Taker Over Galatasaray Coaching Job...

Turkey's one of the Giants Galatasaray Football Club, after rejected by Fatih Terim is bringing Hagi in as their coach. Galatasaray named Romanian Gheorghe Hagi on Thursday as their new coach to replace Frank Rijkaard with former Turkey international Tugay Kerimoglu as his assistant,according to Galatasaray web site. Hagi previously coached Galatasaray in the 2004-2005 season.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ertugrul Saglam plays down Rooney impact...

Bursaspor coach Ertugrul Saglam does not believe that the controversy surrounding Wayne Rooney will distract Manchester United during Wednesday night's Champions League fixture between the two sides. "These problems occur from time to time with players," Saglam said. "We have experienced something similar ourselves in the last couple of weeks, so I know what it is like to have player problems. "But Manchester United have the depth of quality in their squad to know that whoever they put in to replace Rooney is likely to be of a very high standard. I certainly don't think it is going to be an advantage for us, or a disadvantage for them." Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed in an extraordinary press conference on Tuesday that Rooney has informed the club he will not be signing a new deal and that the striker is "adamant" he will seek alternative employment.

Galatasaray Sacked Frank Rijkaard...

Galatasaray have ended the contract of Frank Rijkaard by mutual agreement, Wednesday, after a disappointing start of the season. According the club web site "As a result of mutual agreement, we have decided to part ways with technical director Frank Rijkaard... as of October 20, 2010," The statement did not say who would succeed Rijkaard. Galatasaray club also thanked Rijkaard and his crew on their web site.. 'We would like to thank all of them for all their contribution and services to Galatasaray and wish them all the success in their future life and career,' According to latest reports,Galatasaray approached its former coach Fatih Terim for the position, but Terim rejected the offer for "family reasons." Rijkaard coached Barcelona before moving to Galatasaray.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Huge Blow....Azerbaijan beats Turkey!

This has to be the worst defeat In Turkish National Team history.

Low ranked Azerbaijan National team beat Turkey and shocked the world!

After losing to Germany in Berlin, four day before Turkey chocked against Azerbaijan..

Turkey suffered a huge set back to their Euro 2012 qualifying hopes after Rashad Sadygov's first-half goal earned Azerbaijan a surprise 1-0 win.....

With world famous coach Hiddink at the helm, Turkey lost two matches in four days!

After the match, Guus Hiddink said he never lost a two matches in four days, in his career!

He also said, losing to Azerbaijan is big disappointment for Turkish national team.

"Losing to the German national team - was not a tragedy, but defeat by Azerbaijan very disappointed us."


After two disaster match, Hiddink is under fire in Turkey, by Turkish media and Turkish soccer fans!

All the print media and soccer columnist in Turkey, are questioning Hiddink's and his assistant Oguz Cetin's credibility in the Turkish National team...

Even Hiddink's contract, with Turkish Football Federation was debated in the Parliament floor!

Democratic Left Party (DSP) general secretary and Denizli MP Hasan Ercelebi, raised the issue over the agreement with Hiddink.

The World famous coach Hiddink, is in hot waters in Turkey at the moment...

The master tactician,after unsuccessful period with Russia, looks like will have a tough time in Turkey too!

But , He is not the only person to take blame in Turkey...

TFF, Asistant coach Oguz Cetin and players deserves much of the blame too...

For Hididink, losing to Azerbaijan was the dark side of his career.

Lastly, losing to Azerbaijan for Turkish football, was huge blow and slap in the face!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Germany demolish Turkey 3-0!

This has to be the worst Turkish National team, that I saw in a long time...

Turkish Football instead of going forward, it is going back to 80's again!

In Berlin, Germany, Turkish National team thrashed by Germany with the score of 3-0

We were never in the game .....

We had only one good chance in the beginning of the second half and Halil Altintop could not put the ball behind the net!

After Aurelio's injury in the 24th minute , Turkish team looked like, bunch of amateurs on the pitch...

Guuss Hidink's wrong player decisions for Aurelio did not help ether ,,,,,

Tuncay Sanli for Aurelio was wrong choice...

Everyone thought, Selcuk Inan, who was warming up, was going to replace Aurelio !

I just wonder The assistant coach Oguz Cetin, changed , Hiddink's mind?

It looked so awkward ......

Any way, Germany Beat Turkey 3-0 with and Miroslav Klose scored twice and German born Turkish kid, Mesut Ozil scored one...

Germany scored the first goal in the closing minutes of the first half by Klose with a header. when the ball came of the post and all the defender and keeper Volkan Demirel stopped, because they thought Klose was in off side position.

The German born young Turk, Mesut Ozil, scored the second goal in the 79th minute.

Three minutes left in the match Turkish keeper Volkan Demirel made a huge mistake by punting the ball to Klose's chest and he went in to score the goal between Volkan Demirel's legs!

After this result Germany is still perfect with nine points while Turkey is three points behind and they are same points with Austria....

After the match, Hiddink said," We could last with them for 25 minutes but after Aurelio's injury we just had too many problems"

"We played against a team that was dominant in all aspects of the game."

On the other hand happy German coach Low praised his players...

He said, "We dominated throughout and played a very good game."

Lastly, like I wrote before, this match was more than a soccer game...

It was history, World known German born young Turk, played against his mother and father's home land and scored a goal against them..

It was history in the books, for Turkish football and German football....

I am sure , some one in Turkey, hitting his head to the walls, not getting this young Turk , when they had the chance!

We all know who that person or people are!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Germany v Turkey.. Home and Home Match!

They are both at six points after two matches in 2012 European Championship Qualifying Group A standings...

Both teams have their work cut out for them!

Germany and Turkey missing very important players...

Although Germany will play the match in Germany its is going to feel like home for Turkish National team with thirty thousand Turkish - Germans who lives and works in Germany!

That is why, this match will be home and home for both team,,,,,

What is so interesting about this match is ,you have German born players playing for Turkey and German born Turkish player, playing for Germany......

Altintop's and Nuri Sahin for Turkey and Mesut Ozil for Germany!

That is why, this match is so unique ...

The last world cup sensation Mesut Ozil, is the talk of Turkey and Germany this week!

Midfielder Toni Kroos will most likely partner with Sami Khedira instead of Bastian Schweinsteiger for Germany.

On the other hand Arda Turan replacement will be Nuru Sahin or Tuncay Sanli...

Arda Turan's cost a big controversy between Galatasaray and Turkish National team in Turkey,,,

Galatasaray team claimed that Arda was injured and should never have called up for National team duty!

Germany leads the group from Turkey on goal difference.

Speaking to the media Turkish National team coach Hiddink said,"Germany always qualifies for big tournaments, we don't know it any other way, and it is the favorite," Hiddink said. "But we must show that it is our aim to be first in the group. We cannot underestimate Austria either - the road is still long."

On the other hand , German coach Low is cautious about Turkey match!

Her said "The Turks are technically strong - if you let them play, they're dangerous."

The last meeting between Germany and Turkey took place at the semi-final stage of Euro 2008..

Could this be the revenge?

On Friday, Germany face Turkey in a Euro 2012 qualifying match....

The scene will be awesome....Turkish and German flags will fly high over Berlin who ever wins this match.

In case of a draw , it will be a huge celebration for Turkish fans !

Lastly, this match will be historic for Turkey and Turkish people living in Germany!

The third generation German born Turkish kid Mesut Ozil will play against Turkey for the first time in Germany..

The match will start on Friday at 22;30 Turkey Time( 2;30 PM ET).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Turkish National team arrived in Germany

Photo: TFF

Turkish National soccer team arrived in Germany and they did their first practice session in Babelberg, Germany.

Turkish Football Federation officials watched the practice too....

Turkish soccer fans living in Germany greeted Turkish National team at Berlin airport with waving Turkish flags in their hand,,,

Photo: AP

Turkish soccer fans mobbed the airport to great the national team players...

Turkish National team will hold a practice in same town on Tuesday too...

They will face Germany in Berlin on October 8th......

According to latest report there will be close to thirty thousand Turkish soccer fans will watch this very important match in Berlin.......

All 74,244 tickets for the match at the Olympic Stadium have been sold, with German chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan set to attend.

Around 30,000 Turkey supporters are expected in Berlin on Friday for their Euro 2012 qualifier against Germany, the German Football Federation (DFB) says.

Photo: TFF

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Guus Hiddink's Turkish National team players joined the camp after the end of seventh weekend matches,in Istanbul and they will leave on Monday from Istanbul to Germany.

Turkey will play against Germany on October 8th and than four days later, they will take on Azerbaijan in Azerbaijan.

So, there is a very difficult two road matches, for Hiddink's boys...

Once the team lands in Germany, the squad will have a training camp in a town near the city of Berlin until Oct. 7.

Here is the players names Guus Hiddink called up for the National duty.....


Volkan Demirel (Fenerbahçe), Hakan Arıkan, Cenk Gönen (Beşiktaş), Onur Recep Kıvrak (Trabzonspor).


Gökhan Gönül (Fenerbahçe), Sabri Sarıoğlu, Servet Çetin, Hakan Kadir Balta (Galatasaray), Ömer Erdoğan (Bursaspor), İbrahim Toraman, İsmail Köybaşı (Beşiktaş), Ceyhun Gülselam (Trabzonspor).


Hamit Altıntop (Bayern Münih), Mehmet Aurelio, Necip Uysal (Beşiktaş), Selçuk Şahin, Emre Belözoğlu, Özer Hurmacı (Fenerbahçe), Nuri Şahin (Borussia Dortmund), Selçuk İnan (Trabzonspor), Arda Turan (Galatasaray).

Tuncay Şanlı (Stoke City), Halil Altıntop (Eintracht Frankfurt), Semih Şentürk (Fenerbahçe), Mevlüt Erdinç (Paris Saint Germain), Nihat Kahveci (Beşiktaş), Sercan Yıldırım (Bursaspor).

Turkish Super League Review, Week: 7

Who would it thought Trabzonspor would move to the second place in the Turkish Super League this weekend?


On Friday Galatasay losing against Karabuk and Saturday Kayseri and Fenerbahce winning and on Sunday, Trabzon beating Besiktas at home, cost all kinds of movement, on top of the Turkish Super League.,.,..

Turkish Super League leader Bursaspor, losing points in Istanbul against Buyuksehir, did close the gap between with other teams!

The race on top ,became a dog race for a lot of teams in Turkey.....

Bursaspor is the only team in Turkish Super League has not lost a match yet...

They still have the perfect record after seven matches....

But, a loss of points, close the gap , although, they might have three points, coming from suspending match against Gaziantep.

Turkish Football Federation will make a decision soon on this matter ,,,,

Looking at the seventh weekend, Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce teams were the biggest movers and shakers in the league!

Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce surpass their rivals Besiktas and Galatasaray in the standings after a very important wins....

On the bottom of the league, there are two teams hasn't wi=on a match yet..

Eskisehir and Kasimpasa is struggling very bad in the league!

After seventh week, the gap between first place and tenth place teams are so close...

The second place Trabzon and third place Kayseri dead luck with 14 points while Fenerbahce,Besiktas , Karabuk all at 13 points and Galatasaray 12, Antalya with 11, Ankaragucu with 10 and tenth place Buyuksehir with ten points,,,,,,,

The gap is getting narrower on top as we go further in the league and will get narrower in the future...

Bursaspor finished the seventh week on top with 16 points and three to be added!

This coming weekend there wont be any matches in the Turkish Super league because of the National team match...

Turkish National team will play against German National team in Berlin, Germany on October 8th, Saturday.

Here is the total scores from this weekend...

01 Oct 2010
FT Bucaspor 0 : 0 Eskisehirspor
FT Karabukspor 2 : 1 Galatasaray
02 Oct 2010
FT Ankaragucu 4 : 1 Konyaspor
FT Fenerbahce 3 : 0 Genclerbirligi
FT Manisaspor 0 : 1 Kayserispor
03 Oct 2010
FT Antalyaspor 3 : 1 Kasimpasa
FT Buyuksehir 0 : 0 Bursaspor
FT Sivasspor 1 : 1 Gaziantepspor
FT Trabzonspor 1 : 0 Besiktas


1 Bursaspor 6 5 1 0 8-1 16
2 Trabzonspor 7 4 2 1 13-6 14
3 Kayserispor 7 4 2 1 8-3 14
4 Fenerbahce 7 4 1 2 20-10 13
5 Besiktas 7 4 1 2 12-6 13
6 Karabukspor 7 4 1 2 12-10 13
7 Galatasaray 7 4 0 3 10-8 12
8 Antalyaspor 7 3 2 2 9-10 11
9 Ankaragucu 7 3 1 3 11-9 10
10 Buyuksehir 7 3 1 3 8-8 10
11 Genclerbirligi 7 2 2 3 4-10 8
12 Gaziantepspor 6 1 4 1 4-4 7
13 Bucaspor 7 1 3 3 4-5 6
14 Manisaspor 7 2 0 5 10-13 6
15 Konyaspor 7 1 3 3 8-12 6
16 Sivasspor 7 1 3 3 6-15 6
17 Eskisehirspor 7 0 3 4 4-9 3
18 Kasimpasa 7 0 2 5 5-17 2

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Karabukspor climbed to third place in the Turkish Spor Toto Super League as they beat Galatasaray 2-1.

Karbukspor stunned Galatasaray by taking a second-minute lead, Florin Cernat tucking away a penalty, and they pulled two goals clear after 11 minutes when Hakan Ozmert drilled home from 15 yards with the aid of a major deflection.

Galatasaray, who began the match in third place but now drop to fourth, pulled a goal back after 74 minutes when Baris Ozbek struck.

Second-bottom Eskisehirspor remain without a win after seven matches, drawing 0-0 away to Bucaspor in Friday'sother match.

On Saturday, In the early match Kayserispor could capture the second place from Besiktas if they win in Manisa...

Manissspor will host Kayserispor at home. Manisa is coming off a back to back two wins.

Kayserispor has eleven points going in to this match on Saturday..

In the two lates matches on Saturday, Ankaragucu will host Konyaspor in Ankara and Fenerbahce will be home against Gneclerbirligi.

If Fenerbahce wins on Saturday they will even the points with Besiktas and Karabukspor with 13 points!

Galatasaray after the loss against Karabukspor will be behind Karabuk in the standings. Galatasaray has 12 points after the seventh week....

On Sunday, League leader Bursaspor and second place Besiktas will have reay though matches...

Bursaspor will face Buyuksehir in Istanbul and Besiktas will be in Trabzon...

Besiktas and Trabzon will shout for win in this match..The winner will earns three golden points in the league...

Here is the top of the league looks like before the Saturday and Sunday matches....

Bursaspor with 13 points and plus one game in the bank, Besiktas with 13,Karabuk with 13 on third, Galatasaray on fourth with 12,Trabzonspor on fifth with 11 and Kayserispor also with 11 points on sixth.

Seventh place Fenerbahce and eight place Buyuksehir could move in the standing if they win their matches this weekend....

Friday, October 1, 2010


After European matches in the middle of the week for Besiktas and Bursasspor, attentions once again, turn to the Turkish Spor Toto Super League,,,

The seventh weekend will take a start with two matches on Friday ...

Izmir's only team in The Turkish Super League, Bucaspor will host Eskisehirspor at home.

And Turkish Giant's Galatasaray will travel to Karabuk to play very offensive mind team Karabukspor.

Frank Rijkaard's Galatasaray team has been moving in the standings with a win today they could reach league leader Bursaspor at 15 points....

As I was writing my blog, I just heard, Franks Rijaard's dear Father pass the way.

My condolences goes out tho the Frank Rijkaard family and Galatasaray club and their fans..

On Saturday, there are three matches...

Out of three the most important match is between Fenerbahce and Genclerbirligi..

With a win Fenerbahce also could move up in the league standings,,

Also on Saturday, Manisa will be home against Kayseri and Ankaragucu will host Konyaspor.

On Sunday, the match of the week will take place in Trabzon ,Turkey...

Besiktas will travel to Trabzon after beating Rapid Wien in the Europa League match.

But they won't have their star player Quarizma...

On the other hand Trabzonspor is struggling in the last two weeks..

This will be a huge match for both teams...

A winner will have a big advantage in the standing.

On the other hand, the leaders of Turkish Super League, Bursaspor will travel to Istanbul to play Istanbul Buyuksehir.

Buyuksehir is coming off a huge loss to Galatasaray ...

And Bursaspor is little bit of tired mentally after losing their second match in the Champions League...

Buyuksehir is the the team gave a trouble to Bursa in the second half of the last season!

Which almost cost them the championship.....

Also , with that loss, they demolish the gap between Fenerbahce...

So, a loss in Istanbul for Bursaspor could just do that again, this time early in the season.. a win will separate them from the others in the league....

Elsewhere on Sunday, Sivasspor will host Gaziantep and Antalyaspor will be home against Kasimpasa.

The winners will simile and the losers will be going home with a sour face this weekend!

Lastly, there will be a movement on top of the league in my opinion...

See you next week....

01 Oct 2010
19:00 CET Bucaspor ? : ? Eskisehirspor
19:00 CET Karabukspor ? : ? Galatasaray

02 Oct 2010
14:30 CET Manisaspor ? : ? Kayserispor
18:00 CET Ankaragucu ? : ? Konyaspor
18:00 CET Fenerbahce ? : ? Genclerbirligi

03 Oct 2010
14:30 CET Buyuksehir ? : ? Bursaspor
14:30 CET Sivasspor ? : ? Gaziantepspor
18:00 CET Antalyaspor ? : ? Kasimpasa
18:00 CET Trabzonspor ? : ? Besiktas

Besiktas too strong for Rapid Wien

Besiktas came from behind to record a second successive win in Europa League Group L with a 2-1 victory over Rapid Wien.

Young Turkish players who plays for Rapid,Veli Kavlak, gave Rapid Vienna the lead but Filip Holosko - a first-half substitute for the injured Ricardo Quaresma - quickly equalised.

And Bobo grabbed the winner for Besiktas - who won their first game against CSKA Sofia courtesy of a last-minute goal - were victorious once more.

Besiktas started the brighter and Fabian Ernst shot over before Quaresma hit the upright with a curling effort from the left of the penalty area.

Stefan Hoffman skied Rapid's first effort over the bar and Christopher Trimmel followed suit before Quaresma's evening was ended early by injury, Holosko taking his place in the 32nd minute.

The newcomer's corner saw Matteo Ferrari draw a sharp save from Raimund Hedl, who then held Rodrigo Tabata's 25-yard effort.

Rapid picked up the pace at the start of the second period, with Atdhe Nuhiu firing wide before Kavlak broke the deadlock.

Yasin Pehlivan's cross was thumped home by his midfield colleague to give the hosts the advantage in the 51st minute - and Nuhiu almost added a second when his effort was punched clear by goalkeeper Hakan Arikan.

But, as it transpired, the lead would last just four minutes as Holosko found the net with a low left-footed finish from the left side of the box - and he hit the bar moments later as Besiktas pressed forward.

Nuhiu headed over at the other end, but Besiktas soon had the lead as Rodrigo Tabata played in Bobo, who finished coolly in the 64th minute.

Rapid introduced veteran striker Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink in their search for an equaliser and Hoffman's free-kick was headed over by Hamdi Salihi before Arikan saved from the Dutchman's header.

But Rapid were unable to get back on terms as Besiktas joined Porto with a perfect six-point record ahead of the two teams' upcoming double-header.

Latest news on Quaresma, he definitely wont play agaisnt Trabzonspor this weekend .

According to reports he could be out with injury for three to four weeks,,,,,