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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The flying Black Eeagles of Turkey (Besiktas) are not flying high in the Turkish Super League lately!..

In the domestic leagues, they lost three matches back to back and lost the match against Porto in the Europa League.

On Monday night football match In Turkey, Kayserispor beat Besiktas in the closing minutes of the match by young Furkan Ozcal goal.

Who is this young Furkan?

He is a product of German soccer ....

He started his career with 1860 Munich and later signed three year contract with Kayseri on 18 June 2008.

There are at least six young Turkish players like Furkan, who came from Germany!

Kayserispor's General Manager Suleyman Hurma, has been with this club long time and he know the Germany market too.

I think he is the only real deal general manager in Turkish foootball in my opinion!

On the other hand, The team who out spend every team in the league .....

Besiktas, the team with full of stars, can't win!

I guess, money some time does not buy you championship........

It looks like, money isn't going to buy the championship this season, for Besiktas..

Besiktas is 10 points behind League leader, Bursaspor!

And they have the most expensive team and one of the most expensive coach on the sideline..

Yet, they have lost four matches back to back!

When Ricardo Quaresma does not play Besiktas team can't win a match...

Ricardo Quaresma, is injured ........

And he is not the only one , there are many players from defense and midfield injured!

So, after this lost Besiktas is in Seventh place while Kayseri recaptured the third place with 20 points!

Now , Tell me, why star studded Besiktas, can't win games, while your Anaatolian team Kayserispor, who invested in Turkish youth, wins games?

Because, they are more hungry and they play hungry on the pitch...

That is why!

See you soon.....

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