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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tough draw for Galatasaray at home ! 1-1

Drogba impressed on his Champions League debut for Galatasaray. Photo: REUTERS

Schalke walked out as a happier team tonight after  a 1-1 draw against Galatasaray.

Galatasaray started the match really good with Sneijder and Drogba starting in the lineup .

Galatasaray scored first with  Drogba and Selcuk Inan's work to Burak Yilmaz and Burak Yilmaz finishing it rocket shot on goal !

After the goal for about ten, fifteen minutes, both team had their chances...

Schalke's Huntelaar's huge miss just by the post and Galatasaray's Hamit Altintop's shot hitting the bar and Drogba's shot was saved by Schalke keeper Hildabrand.

Galatasaray  was the better side until the very last minute of the first half!

Just before the brake Schalke, scored on a breakaway thanks to very poor defending by Galatasaray team.

American player Jermaine Jones beat Muslera and Galatasaray defenders after getting a beautiful cross from Farfan.

In the  beginning of the second half Fatih Terim pulled Wesley Sneijder!

In the second half both of the teams had chances but just could not cash it in,

So, with this 1-1 draw score , looks like Schalke is in the driving seat....

Even Fatih Terim after the match , recognized that...

He said, "Schalke has the advantage on us now.All we have to do is play very hard in the second leg match in Germany "

Meanwhile, Burak Yilmaz who scored Galatasaray goal, has seven goals in the Champion League ,

He is tied with Cristian Ronaldo...

Next three weeks will be very crucial  time for Galatasaray and Fatih Terim ..

The trio on top ,Drogba,Sneijder and Burak Yilamz has to jello better and  he has too fix the defense somehow!

That is the biggest hole for Galatasaray!

But, Galatasaray will not go down easy in Germany...

As Terim said it before, It is not over until it is over......


Galatasaray host Schalke 04

Turkey's only team in the UEFA's Champions League , Galatasaray  hosting Schalke 04 ,today in Istanbul.

The match will take place in Turk Telekom Arena and kick off time is at 9,45 Pm, local Istanbul time( 2.45, ET )

Tonight's game will be Galatasaray's 244th game in Europa cups.
Out of 243 games, Galatasaray had 93 victories, 87 defeats and 63 draws, scoring 341 and conceding 343 goals

With Drogba and Sneijder playing first time last weekend in the Turkish Super League match for about 25 minutes against rock bottom team Akhisar!

At the press conference , Fatih Terim  warned Turkish media about Schalke 04...

There is big interest around the world to this match since Drogba and Sneijder playing for Galatasaray in the Champions League...

This is fact,  Galatasaray will be watched and followed bu many football fans around the world !

 You like him or not ,Galatasaray CEO Unal Aysal and his committee , did something it is almost unthinkable!

Their vision brought these two very important world class players to Galatasaray...

They deserve a lot of credit for this!

 Even though some still argue and say, "coach Fatih Terim did not want Drogba or Sneijder !"

What ever the case is , Unal Aysal's vision brought Galatasaray from dark ...

Just remember , where Galatasaray was at before they came in the power!

Fatih Terim's leadership on the field and Unak Aysal's  vision as a CEO, gave Galatasaray new look 

and now, they are most talked about Turkish team in the world again.

Lastly,  Galatasaray defense is the only question mark , in my opinion.....

The defense has to have flawless  match today against ,Schalke 04...

Drogba, Sneijder, Yilmaz, up front  and Hamit Altintop and Selcuk Inan will be factors in tonight's match!

Ahmet Turgut

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Turkish Delight for Drogba

A night to be remembered by Drogba and Turkish football fans in Turkey on Friday night in a small city called Manisa, just outside of Izmir .

Drogba made his debut as a sub in the second half and within 5 minutes of his entry he chanced the score and style of Galatasaray's play!

Even Wesley Sneijder  who started his second match in Turkey came to live once Drogba went in to the match...

Until then, Galatasaray was struggling to rock bottom of the league ,Akhisar Belediye!

It was nonsense to keep a player like Drogba on the bench !

But,  Fatih Terim decided not to start him, what ever is the reason.....

Galatasaray fans in front of the screen and fans in the stadium was sweating really bad until Drogba's goal!

The world football's legend made a sensational header goal  after being on the pitch for only five minutes,,

Burak Yilmaz  gave him  a beautiful cross on his goal!

With him coming in to the match , Drogba,Sneijder and Burak Yilmaz trio was cranking ....

Two minutes later from first goal, Sneijder gave the ball to Drogba ,he went around few and took a shot and ball was deflected  and Burak Yilmaz scored the second goal for Galatasaray!

Clutch player Drogba, totally changed the mood of the match and relieved a lot of Galatasaray fans who were biting their nails!

After going up two goals, there were few good Drogba passes to Burak Yilmaz but Burak Yilmaz could not finish it .

Rock bottom team of Turkish Super League, surprised Galatasaray defense in the 85th minute with Sertan Vardar and made theh score 1-2!

Wesley Sneijder came out in the 79th  minute of the match...

I don't know why Terim, decided to pull him off!

That trio triangle was working perfect on top .....

Akhisar's goal weapon Greek soccer player Gekas had a huge miss before, Droga's debut!

Actually , wood works saved his shot and Galatasaray ,,,,,,,

But at the end, Galatasaray was lucky and with Drogba's debut has won this match.

This match was final tune-up match before the Champions League match against Schalke 04 on February 20th at Turk Telekom Arena in Istabul,Turkey.

It will be tough one !


Around The Turkish Super League.......

On Saturday, Eskisehir loss to Kayseri at home (0-3)  Antalya draw at home against  Karabuk(0-0)  and Besiktas draw at home against Gaziantep (1-1)

Besiktas was winning 1-0 until last minute of the match...

Very bad mistake by Besiktas defense, cost Besiktas big time....
This loss of points might hound Besiktas later on in the race for the Championship!

On Sunday, the match of the week will take place in Trabzon where Ttrabzonspor host Fenerbahce

This is a huge match !

Also on Sunday, Genclerbirligi host Mersin in Ankara, Bursaspor host Elazigspor in Bursa and Ordu host Istanbul Buyuksehir,

 Very importnat matches for basment teams Elazig and Mersin.....

They have to win their matches a loss for both teams could spell danger in the coming weeks...

On Monday, week 22, will close with Kasimpas vs Sivas match .

Galatasaray sit on top of the Turkish Super League with 43 points after round 22....

On Sunday, Fenerbahce could capture the second place from Besiktas if they beat Trabzonspor.

That is why this match  between Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce on Sunday is huge.

A loss for Trabzon could spell danger for Trabzon!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Drogba Finally In Istanbul

Photo by

Galatasaray's new transfer  Didier Drogba came to Istanbul tonght ......

He arrived in  a private jet with his family , his managers and Galatasaray officials.

Drogba was wearing New York Yankees hat, when he was coming out of the plane.

At the Istanbul airport, a lot of fans greeted  Drogba

From there, he was taken to  "Fulya "Team headquarters...

There, he met coach Fatih Terim  and the other team officials.

He sat with Fatih Terim in the same couch......

Fatih Terim  said, "Galatasaray transfered worlds most known and famous player" I am very happy "

Drogba talking to Galatasaray TV said " I am very happy to be here, it is new page in my life"

I will do my best "

Most valuable player from 2012  UEFA Champions League Final match , Drogba now is in Turkey

It is Turkish Delight for Galatatasaray...

After Sneijder this is huge transfer in the Turkish Football ...

Drogba will wear number 12 jersey with Galatasaray....