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Friday, February 27, 2015

Besiktas beat Liverpool in front of record crowd

                                                                  Tolgay  Arslan

The only team from Turkey left in the Europa League , beat Reds of Liverpool , after match decided with penalty kicks!

It was a huge 12th man support at the Atatturk stadium where ,Besiktas fans broke the record in the Europa League match.

Crowd of 63,324 watch Beşiktaş settle Liverpool score

Looking back,  at the first  half, Besiktas and Besiktas defense looked worry....

Besiktas keeper Cenk Gonen had two good saves in the first half.

But, second half , was totally diffrent....

Hungary Besiktas, with a good game plan , and right man at the right time ,subtitution by Besiktas coach Bilic , gave Besiktas that hope after huge goal by young German born Tolgay Arslan .

He gave that signal just before the goal ,when he took a strike outside of the box area !

Tolgay Arslan gave a new blood to Besiktas team in the middle ......

With that huge goal by Tolgay Arslan in the 72th minute , brought Besiktas fans on their feet !

Demba Ba's strike would have ended the match in the very last second of  the injury time ...

Ba's strike, hit the upper post and went back in to play !

 During the over time , score stayed same and the match went to penalty kicks!

While Besiktas score five of the penalties , Liverpool missed the last one....

After that, Besiktas fans in the Ataturk stadium and Besiktas fans around theh world went crayz !

Besiktas has not loss to any English teams at home this season at Ataturk stadium.....

And they did not score any goals against Bilic's Besiktas team this season !


Wheather you like him or not, you have to give credit where credit is due !

Bilic was under fire after losing to Eskisehir last weekend in the Turkish Super League.

But in his head , this Liverpool match ,was more important....

He wanted  to win and beat Liverpool in Ataturk stadium.

He showed that with his game plan and his subsutition from sidelines.......

He was big factor in winning against Liverpool on Thursday.

Kudos to Slaven Bilic and Besiktas's  President Fikret Orman .....

Lastly, Bilic is happy with Besiktas now, but this huge win against Liverpool, will earn him a coching job in the EPL !

Next, Besiktas will face Clubtha Brugge ......

Finaly, Besiktas  knock out , one of the teams that was suppose to win Europa Cup .

With this moralle Besiktas should make it to next round ...

But, they should never underestimate ,Club Brugge

Month of March could be another joy for Besiktas fans around the world !

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Besiktas President Fikret Orman : We still have a chance against Liverpool !

Ahmet B. Turgut talking to Besiktas President Fikret Orman in New York

Besiktas team president Fikret Orman, after watching first leg match against Liverpool in England , he took time to attend Besiktas USA'a  GALA in New York on Sunday.

He spent the weekend in New York with Besiktas USA organization members and watched Besiktas's Turkish Super League match against Eskisehirspor  in Ali Baba restaurant in Manhattan !

Where he saw his team lost  against Eskisehir.....

Fikret Orman was  very upset with that loss !

After the match, he attended Besiktas USA Gala, that night.

At the Besiktas USA Gala , I had a brief chance to talk to Fikret Orman about  the second leg match .

He said, "Besiktas still has a chance and with the help of the 12th man (Besiktas fans ),  we will fight until last minutes of the match "

He also said, if Besiktas plays like Besiktas we should have no problem beating Liverpool in Istanbul.

He went on to say ,"we want to go to our new stadium Vodafone Stadium as a Champion of Turkish Super League this year !"


According to him, Besiktas will move in  to Vodafone Satadium around September of this year !

Coming back to today's match against Liverpool, both team will miss important players...

Liverpool has  theh advatage but, it's very important to remember, a quick goal could put pressure on Liverpool at Ataturk stadium with rowdy Besiktas fans !

Besiktas, has huge problems at the back four.....

To order to win tonight, defense should have flowless match and they have to score goals..

Demba Ba and Gokhan Tore might play ....That will will be huge plus for Besiktas !


At the Besiktas USA Gala,  Besiktas USA  organizations president Emrah Ogut and vice president  Ferruh Zor,  presented a check for fifteen thousand dollars to Fikret Orman to help ,Vodafone stadium.

At the Gala, Demba Ba's jersey  sold for 30 thousand dollars while Besiktas USA raised  a lot of money from Besiktas players jerseys .

Former Besiktas Captain and Turkish National Team player Rahim Zafer who coaches Dallas City FC soccer team also was at the Besiktas USA event .

Turkish pop singer Gokhan Tepe who is also Besiktas fan was the entertainer for the night ...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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