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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ESPN will be only on DSMART Paltform In Turkey

ESPN will launch North American Sports Network (NASN) and ESPN Classic on the DSmart platform in Turkey.
The fast-growing networks will launch on DSmart on May 1 and June 1 respectively, and will provide sports fans in Turkey with the best of both North American and classic sport. Representing another forward step in ESPN’s global growth, these two channels offer a comprehensive portfolio of sporting entertainment for millions of sports fans across the region.

Lynne Frank, ESPN senior vice president and managing director of Europe, Middle East, and Africa, said, “Turkey is an important and growing media market for ESPN and we are therefore delighted that NASN and ESPN Classic will now be available to sports fans on the same platform. May and June is exciting time for our company. In addition to our business in Turkey, we also launch NASN and ESPN Classic in 22 countries across the Middle East and ESPN Classic in 46 countries across Africa.”

Murat Saygı, CEO of D-Smart, said they are very glad and excited that ESPN channels will broadcast in Turkey only over the D-Smart platform. He further added that they consider the presence of the ESPN channels within the D-Smart platform very highly, in order to introduce to the Turkish viewers alternative and novel sports branches that are viewed with interest worldwide.
ESPN will be available for the first time on the DSmart platform. The May 1 launch of NASN is the latest step in the channel’s rapid growth, providing access to North American sports for fans around the world. Since September 2006, the channel has grown its reach from 1 million households across 6 countries to more than 13 million households now across 43 European countries. NASN will feature North American sports, including over 800 live and as-live sports events each year with more than 200 live games from the National Hockey League; 250 live Major League Baseball games; as well as NCAA basketball and football. ESPN Classic has also grown rapidly since French and Italian feeds were launched in 2002. ESPN launched a European feed in January 2003 and a U.K. channel in March 2006. The channel now reaches more than 23 million households across 40 countries in Europe.

D-Smart, which is part of the Doğan Group of Companies, started sales in February 2007, and is an interactive digital platform with its dedicated channels, more than 100 local and international channels, and radios. Through D-Smart, it is also possible to access the latest news, money-market updates, weather, etc. with a single click. D-Smart channels include: Well known documentary and lifestyle channels Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery World, Discovery Science, Discovery Travel; World Fashion which is the leader in the world of fashion, style, and beauty; Fashion TV; movie and sitcom channels MovieSmart, Yeşilçam, ComedySmart, PembeSmart, Loca where you can view the latest feature films and popular sitcoms; lifestyle, culture, and art channels D Plus, Z TV, Yaşam TV; children’s channels D Çocuk, Kidsco, Luli, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. All national channels and more than one hundred TV and radio channels in Turksat are offered in the D-Smart platform. Through double satellite dishes, it is possible to view more than 5000 channels with D-Smart.

Source:ESPN and Wires


According to Italian newspaper,Tuttosport, Lazio President Claudio Lotito is lining up Fenerbahce boss Zico to coach the team for the next season.

Lazio president Claudio Lotito is keen for legend Zico to replace Delio Rossi as coach, following a hugely disappointing season.

Zico has received many offers this season after leading Fenerbahce all the way to the Champions League quarter-finals, where they were narrowly beaten 3-2 on aggregate by Chelsea.


According to reports from British media,Jardel admitted to having used drugs on multiple occasions throughout his career...

The former Galatasaray striker says that, while he did use drugs, he is now trying to kick-start his career and find a new club in order to return to glorious days.
"It all started with bad friendships," he told Globoesportes. "Then came my divorce, depression and drugs.

"Today, I want to start over, I am training, but I am no example to any child.
"Don't do what I did, because it's no example, I am starting over and acknowledging my mistakes, I want to win from now on."

He also said "I only consumed one drug, cocaine, but not while I was playing: I only took it during vacations.LOOKING FOR A TEAM......

I am seeking a new club to reignite my career, because I have the quality and the potential."This happens a lot in football, but I can't talk about it. I haven't consumed for two months. My biggest dream is to return to the fields with a big team."
Jardel is currently a free agent and looking for a team to play again...

Monday, April 28, 2008


Photo courtesy of

After losing the derby match against Galatasaray , some Fenerbahce fans took their anger on some of the players and Kezman.

At the arrival to Samandira facilities in Kadikoy, Istanbul, Kezman and team captain Alex, were verbebly asulted by hand full of thugs....

After this incident, Fenerbahce club , made an announcement and said the fans will be brought to justice after carefully watching the news footage.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Galatasaray players celebrate their 1-0 win over archrivals Fenerbahce with their fans after their Turkish Super League derby soccer match at Ali Sami Yen Stadium in Istanbul April 27, 2008.(REUTERS)

Galatasary beat Fenerbahce 1-0 in a derby game in Istanbul on Sunday night to grab a serious advantage to win the Turkcell Super League title two weeks before the end of the season.

Galatasaray's lone goal came from Nonda in the first half.


Saturday, April 26, 2008




Those of you who follow this web site regularly know, I have said Sivaspor was no fluke..... I have called them the" sleeper team" in the league.
Well, they just beat another team, in away match, to share the top spot with 70 points, before the biggest derby match of the year, and maybe the decade...
First of the ball, I have never witness this!....three teams,dead lock at 70 points. The derby match becomes much important on Sunday now!...

A draw won't help both teams at all...that will give, a huge advantage to Sivasspor. There is two more rounds in the league after this weekend..

Next weekend's Sivasspor v Galatasaray match will be very important one , in any case!..... Sivasspor has a really good chance to play in the Champions League next season if they beat Galatasaray at home......

On the other hand , at the bottom, After Kasimpasa, Manisspor and Caykur Rizespor will relegate this year from the league.... Manispor and Caykur Rizespor both has 29 points. . Even if they win their last two matches , there won't be any hope fro them.....Because, the next close teams to them are with 35 points.....I am sure Konyaspor and Gencclerbirligi could earn one point in two matches....

So, Super Saturday belong to Sivaspor we have to hold our breath for another day and wait for the derby match...........

Turkcell Super League Saturday results....

Kasimpasa 2- 2 Ankaragucu
Kayserispor 3 - 0 Caykur Rizespor
Denizlispor 1- 2 Sivasspor
Vestel Manisaspor 2- 0 Konyaspor
Gaziantepspor 1- 1 Trabzonspor
Besiktas 3-0 Bursaspor
Genclerbirligi 2-1 Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyespor
Ankaraspor 1- 0 Genclerbirligi OFTAS Spor

Friday, April 25, 2008

FIFA.COM:Title at stake in Istanbul derby

To say that Turkey is football-crazy is almost a cliché. Ever since the country finished third at the FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan 2002, the Turks' passion for the game has been universally acknowledged. And yet even the fervour for the national team is nothing compared with the excitement generated by the Istanbul derby between
the country's two most successful clubs, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce.

As is often the way with derbies, beating your arch-rivals can be more important than winning the title as far as the fans are concerned, but for this 360th clash between the two teams, there is more than mere pride at stake. The winner will go top of the Super Lig, with Fener currently leading by the tightest of margins, one ahead on goal difference.

The atmosphere is sure to be electric at the Ali Sami Yen stadium on Sunday. "When you go to Galatasaray, they tell you 'welcome to hell'," recalls former Gala coach Eric Gerets. "During a derby, you have goosebumps from start to finish. You get involved in sport just to experience moments like that. I've coached and played in quite a few countries, but that definitely was another world.

we go to the Ali Sami Yen and play our usual game we'll have nothing to fear. We're physically and mentally ready to beat Galatasaray
Fenerbahce goalkeeper Volkan Demirel

It is a world which Fenerbahce goalkeeper Volkan Demirel knows well as he confidently anticipates his ninth derby. "It's never easy to prepare for a derby, but our team is playing so well and we've got so many players capable of scoring that we will end up on the score sheet," says the Sari Kanaryalar (yellow canaries) custodian. "I f we go to the Ali Sami Yen and play our usual game we'll have nothing to fear. We're physically and mentally ready to beat Galatasaray."

Cimbom, as Galatasaray fans call their club, had been clear in first place but lost both top spot and their coach in one fell swoop three weeks ago. German tactician Karl Heinz Feldkamp resigned the day after Gala's disappointing 0-0 draw against Gaziantepspor, which allowed Fener to move past them into first - Cevat Guler subsequently taking over the coaching reins. A win for Galatasaray would give them a vital three-point lead over their fierce rivals with just two games remaining and prove a decisive step towards matching Fenerbahce's record haul of 17 league titles.

Two continents, one passion
Istanbul - the only city in the world to straddle two continents - is the ideal place for a good old-fashioned footballing rivalry. The two clubs were founded in the early 20th century a mere two years apart. In 1905 on the European side, pupils from the French high school in Galatasaray famous for educating the political classes decided to form a football team to take on Greek and English clubs. Ali Sami Yen was behind the project and went to become a legend at the club, with the stadium now bearing his name.

In a city of 13 million, however, it would be impossible to rally every football fan behind just one team. Thus it was that in 1907, on the opposite bank of the Bosporus, Fenerbahce were founded in the Kadikoy area of the city. The club was formed in secret and remained so for the first few years, given Sultan Habdullamid II's unfavourable stance on gatherings involving young people.

The geographical distinction was soon joined by a social one, with Fener known as the 'people's club' and Gala seen to belong to the aristocraticy. A century later, these differences have faded and there are plenty of supporters of both teams on either bank of the river, while the respective stadiums are filled with fans from all walks of life and social classes.

On the pitch, Fenerbahce took the lead in league titles last year with their 17th and are the only team to have a positive head-to-head record against the Lions (135 wins, 115 defeats and 109 draws in 359 matches). Galatasaray, for their part, have had more success in Europe. Their glory days came in the year 2000, when they won the UEFA Cup followed by the Super Cup, much to the chagrin of their city rivals, who have traditionally enjoyed relatively modest success on the international stage.

To keep pace with their near neighbours, Fenerbahce spent big in bringing the likes of Nicolas Anelka, Stephen Appiah, Pierre van Hooijdonk, Roberto Carlos and Zico to Kadikoy. The 2007-2008 season has almost seen Zico's men redress the balance between the two arch enemies with an excellent run in the UEFA Champions League. They were unbeaten at home in the Sukru Saracoglu stadium, recording wins over Inter Milan, PSV Eindhoven, Sevilla and finally Chelsea, who nevertheless edged out the Istanbul team over two legs at the quarter-final stage.

Legendary matches across the decades
The rivalry between the two teams reached another level in February 1934. What was meant to be a friendly turned into a pitched battle with players and supporters involved. Relations between the clubs have never been the same since then, making the derbies win-at-all-costs affairs.

In a country where football is a religion, newspapers - which are already very sport-orientated - increase their circulation by 50 per cent in the days before and after a derby, with the tension mounting as kick-off approaches. And as is often the case when two arch-rivals meet, fouls and bookings tend to be the order of the days rather than dribbles and fancy footwork.

"Even if you beat Barcelona on the European Cup, it's not the same as beating Galatasaray! This match is special
Former Fenerbahce star Ridvan Dilmen"

After all, the result is the only thing that matters. Exciting, flowing football can wait - that is what the other 32 league matches are for. "The players know the importance of this match," says former Canaries star Rıdvan Dilmen. "If you win you go into another dimension. Even if you beat Barcelona on the European Cup, it's not the same as beating Galatasaray! This match is special. We know it and the supporters do too."

Dilmen, known as 'the Demon', and his team-mates were part of a memorable comeback away to their hated enemies in a Turkish Cup match in 1989. After being 3-0 down at half-time, the club from the Asian side of the river did the unthinkable and came back to win 4-3, silencing the legendary wall of noise inside the stadium. Galatasaray got some deal of revenge seven years later when Scot Graeme Souness was in charge. The former Liverpool and Rangers manager thought he knew it all about heated derbies, but that was before the 1996 Turkish Cup final.

The Lions won the home leg 1-0 before losing the away tie by the same score. Towards the end of extra time with penalties looming, Welsh striker Dean Saunders scored the goal that gave the visitors the title. After the match, Souness got carried away by the moment and took a giant red and yellow flag which he planted in the central circle of the Fener stadium. It would take several hours and an escort involving hundreds of policemen to finally enable him to leave the stadium, and to this day the fiery Scotsman is a hero to one half of the city and a villain to the other.

There is a fine line between love and hate, and despite all the animosity between the two teams, Istanbul is all about the love affair between the clubs and their loyal supporters. Fans of both teams will be desperate for Sunday's match to cover their side in glory and move them one step closer to the title. And whoever wins can hold their heads up high on the streets of the city, until the next derby that is...


This weekends Turkcell Super League matches will play on Saturday, except the derby match between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce.
All Saturday matches will start at same time, 19:00 Local Turkey Time(12 Noon,ET).
Saturday matches will decide the basement teams future.......
If Manisaspor and Caykur Rizespor lose their matches on Saturday, they will most likely say good bye to the Turkcell Super League .....
On the other hand, teams like Genclerbirligi and Ankaraspor, has to win their matches to secure their place in the league.
What is so interesting is, Genlerbirligi Club's another team Genclerbirligi OFTAS will be playing against Ankaraspor......They will try to help their big brothers in this match!.....
Kayserispor v Caykur Rizespor match was taken off the betting list by many Companies in Europe and World.
So, Before the Derby match on Sunday, there will be a dog fight in the Turkcell Super League!.......

Galatasaray will be playing at its home ground of Ali Sami Yen and wants to beat Fenerbahce to earn a three points lead with two weeks remaining in the race.

The two teams share 70 points each and Fenerbahce leads the standings on a better goal average.
Here is the schedule:

April 26th, Saturday:

Kasimpasa v Ankaragucu

Kayserispor v Caykur Rizespor

Denizlispor v Sivasspor

Vestel Manisaspor v Konyaspor

Gaziantepspor v Trabzonspor

Besiktas v Bursaspor

Genclerbirligi v Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyespor

Ankaraspor v Genclerbirligi OFTAS Spor

April 27th, Sunday

Galatasaray v Fenerbahce

Turkish National Team will play three friendly matches in Germany next month

Turkey will compete in a series of three friendly matches in Germany next month as part of their final preparations for Euro 2008.

Turkish National Team, will take on Slovakia on May 20 in Bielefeld, Uruguay on May 25 in Bochum and Finland four days later in Duisburg.

Turkey are drawn in Group A at the European Championships which start on June 7 with co-hosts Switzerland, Czech Republic and Portugal.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


The trill match between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce is getting advice from doctors too!..

Two Turkish Doctors order to both teams to be calm.......

Referring to the derby game between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce on Sunday, Acar Baltas said: "it is an advantage for Fenerbahce that even a tie would be enough."

Two specialists in the field of football agreed that the team who can stay calm will have the advantage in the derby game.

Professor Turgay Bicer and Acar Baltas who give psychological counseling service for sportspeople stated that the key to victory is being calm.

Baltas said: "two teams have their own advantages. But the team who can control their nerves will win the game."

Referring to psychological advantages of Fenerbahce, Baltas said: "Even a tie is sufficient for Fenerbahce. The victories in tougher games this season will boost their morale. They are aware that their staff is stronger than Galatasaray's."

For all the stats about this Turkey's biggest Derby go to

Monday, April 21, 2008


Villarreal moved back into the top two of La Liga on Sunday with a 2-0 home win over struggling Real Valladolid at El Madrigal.

Villarreal had lost their last two league matches against Sevilla and Almeria, but Manuel Pellegrini's men got their season back on track against Valladolid thanks to a goal in each half from Nihat Kahveci and Santi Cazorla.

That win was enough to see the Yellow Submarine replace Barca in second spot following the Catalan side's goalless home draw with Espanyol on Saturday night.

Nihat gave Villarreal a 15th-minute lead, but the home side might easily have been two or three goals down by that stage following a blistering start by relegation-threatened Valladolid.

Winger Sisi Gonzalez had his side's first chance after the ball fell kindly to him in the box, but his header lacked the power to beat Villarreal goalkeeper Sebastian Viera.

Viera, who was in for the suspended Diego Lopez, was then beaten in a race for the ball with Joseba Llorente, but the Uruguayan international custodian did well to recover and block the Valladolid striker's attempted cross.

Llorente should have given Viera no chance soon after though as he ghosted in unmarked at the far post to latch onto Sisi's cross, but the highly-rated forward was unable to keep his shot on target at full stretch.

Valladolid's profligacy returned to haunt them as Villarreal scored with their first decent effort of the match.

Nihat picked up a pass from Cazorla in the right channel, before cutting inside marker Alexis Suarez and smashing a rising shot past Sergio Asenjo from a tight angle.

That was Nihat's 15th goal of the season, and the ever-dangerous Turkish international almost made it 2-0 after being put through by Cazorla, but Asenjo managed to get enough of his body in the way to stop Nihat's shot.

Nihat then blazed a 25-yard free-kick just over, before turning provider to set up Cazorla for Villarreal's second goal at the start of the second half.

The striker stole in behind the Valladolid defence on the right before drawing out Asenjo and then sliding the ball across to Cazorla, who had the simple task of tapping into an empty net.

That left Valladolid with a mountain to climb to get back into the match, but they refused to give up and the unmarked Victor should have done better with one effort before the unlucky Llorente sent another far-post volley wide when a goal looked certain.

At the other end, Villarreal midfielder Marcos Senna could have made it 3-0 after fashioning a shooting chance on the edge of the Valladolid box, but Asenjo was equal to his left-footed drive.

The game continued to flow from one end to the other and Valladolid substitute Bartholomew Ogbeche had a great chance to set up a grandstand finish, but he somehow managed to volley over from close range in the 89th minute as Villarreal held on for a potentially crucial three-point haul.




Fenerbahce and Galatasaray on top with even points(70 points) "team of the year " Sivasspor is on third with 67 points and the team is looking for third place spot to play in European Leagues in the next season Besiktas , on fourth with 61 points. There are three more weeks to play in the Turkcell Super League. This season's biggest derby will be played on this coming Sunday at Ali Samiyen Stadium between Galatasaaray and Fenerbahce.... who ever wins this match will most likely will end up winning the leagues top spot ..
A draw will help Sivaspor get in to second place.....because they still have to play Galatasaray at home in the 33rd week. Besiktas has a slim chance to claim third and second spot this season!.....
Battle at the bottom, is shaping up but, there is big battle there too....
We know Kasimpasaspor said goodbye to Turkcell Super league already...
Manisspor has killed their chances to stay after a loss this weekend .

the battle will be for third team that is going to go down the second division..
All the matches in the 32th week will be played on Saturday ...except the derby match. Galatasaray v Fenerbhace match will be on Sunday ...


Galatasaray have moved level on points with Fenerbahce at the top of the Turkish Super League with a 3-0 win at Istanbul Buyuksehir.
Kerim Zengin put through his own net after only three minutes and Cassio Lincoln made it 2-0 before half-time.

Substitute Hakan Sukur added a third in stoppage-time to leave just goal difference separating Galatasaray and the league leaders.

Fourth-placed Besiktas came from behind to keep Caykur Rizespor in the relegation places with a 2-1 win at the Rize Ataturk Stadium.

The home side went ahead through Mustafa Cicek's 14th-minute strike, but Ibrahim Kas equalised on the stroke of half-time and substitute Matias Delgado struck a 77th-minute winner.

Genclerbirligi have a three-point cushion over the drop zone after battling to a 1-1 draw with Kayserispor.

Serkan Atak's 18th-minute strike had put the strugglers in front, but the lead was cancelled out by Mehmet Topuz after 67 minutes.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


The excitement and thrill in the Turkish Turkcell Super League continues....
As we get closer to the finish line, race on top and bottom ,is neck and neck....
In the 31th week opening matches on Saturday there were five matches played.

Fenerbahce and Sivasspor, won their matches, and on the other hand, fight to stay and hold on to the league, will go down to the wire...
After Kasimpasaspor, we could say Manisaspor has varnish their hopes too....

The third team, that is going down, is unknown at this point...

On Sunday, there are three matches,In the early match, Besiktas will be away in Rize against Caykur Rizespor, Besiktas huge disappoint this year.... they are out of the top race and most likely they will end up on fourt.
On the other hand Rize needs three points to save their season ....

Ankaraspor finished the week with 34 points.The other Ankara team Genclerbirligi,also finished the week with 32 points after a draw against Trabzonspor. Caykur Rizespor has 29 points before Besiktas match. So, as you See...the battle at the bottom of the table is very crutual....That is why, Rizspor v Besiktas match on Sunday, is very important for the teams that are playing to stay a live.....

Lat weekend on Sunday pressure was on Fenerbahce , Because they were playing the last match of the weekend..
This week, Glatasaray closes the weekend with a match in Istanbul...that's why pressure on Galatasaray this time...

Galatasaray will play against Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediye in Istanbul, This is a must win match for Gakatasaray ...even a draw will cost them the top spot....A loss will eeven them with Sivaspor for the second place with 67 points.

Before next weekend biggest derby of the year against Fenerbahce , they have to win this match...that is e=why this is a must win match for them.....
Not the forget, after the next weekends derby match they have to play against Sivaspor in Sivas....Three though weekens is upon Galasaray in my opinion....
Let me first the say it now, if Galatasata win these three matches they will claim the championship this year, in my opinion!.....


Fenerbahçe kept their pressure on Galatasay with a convincing 4-1 win over Denizlispor on Saturday.

Striker Mateja Kezman opened the score for the league leaders after 21 minutes, and Deivid de Souza doubled the lead on the hour mark.

An own goal from Karakoc set the score to 3-0 in the 75th minute. Close to the end, Vural got a consolation goal for the visitors.

But Fenerbahce demanded to have the final say, and scored for 4-1 through Semih Sentürk in injury time.

Sivasspor moved on to same points with Gala with a 2-1 defeat of Ankaraspor, Musa Aydin and Muhammet Kurtulus scoring second-half goals for the home side.

Konyaspor eased their relegation worries with a 3-0 win at mid-table Ankaragucu, Sedat Agcay scoring twice before Murat Hacioglu wrapped up victory in the final minute.

Herve Tum scored the only goal as Bursaspor moved away from the drop zone with a 1-0 victory over bottom-of-the-table Kasimpasa.

Gaziantepspor beat relegation-threatened Manisaspor 1-0 while Trabzonspor and Genclerbirligi played out a goalless draw.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Kayserispor defeated Caykur Rizespor in Fortis Turkey Cup semi-finals return match on Wednesday.
Kayserispor will play against Genclerbirligi in finals.

Final match will be played In Izmir,on May 7th,2008.

Stadium: Kayseri Ataturk

Referees: Aytekin Durmaz, Selcuk Kaya, Volkan Narinc

Kayserispor: Hasan Sonmez, Avendano, Iglesias, Ragip, Kemal, Toledo (min. 58 Turgay), Saidou (min. 72 Kamber), Aydin (min. 80 Ali Turan), Koray, Mehmet Topuz, Mehmet Eren

Caykur Rizespor: Ozden, Fahri, Gokhan, Tufan, Igor, Mehmet Sen (min. 66 Anderson), Serhat, Leandro (min. 46 Ribeiro), Mertgul, Mesut, Anil

Scorers: min. 21 Toledo, min. 55, 76, 89 Iglesias (Kayserispor), min. 26 Leandro (Caykur Rizespor)


This past Monday, Kansas City Star Newspaper reporter PETE GRATHOFF, wrote a excellent article about attendance in MLS and World football(soccer) attendance in general.

Beleive it or not, our so called "Super League" is behind Major League Soccer in attendance.

Here is the interesting list.......

Top soccer leagues in the world

Country Avg. Att.
Bundesliga (Germany) 37,644
English Premier League 34,459
LaLiga (Spain) 28,838
Clausura (Mexico) 25,379
Ligue 1 (France) 21,817
Serie A (Italy) 19,711
J.League (Japan) 19,081
Eredivisie (Holland) 18,052
Campeonato (Brazil) 17,461
Primera (Argentina) 17,363
Major League Soccer 16,770
Scottish Premier League 16,194
Turkish Premier Super 14,058
A-League (Australia) 14,042

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Galatasaray and Genclerbirligi soccer teams of Turkey drew 1-1 in a return match at semi-finals of Fortis Turkey Cup on Tuesday.

After Besiktas and Fenerbahce, another Turkish Giant Galatasaray bows out of the Turkish Fortis Cup after a draw againts Genclerbirligi in Istanbul.
So, two Anatolian teams will play the Fortis Cup Final match...

After twenty years ,there will be Turkish Cup final without big guns of Turkish soccer!....It was 1987 -1988 season, Samsunspor and Sakaryaspor played for Turkish final match.


Turkish Fortis Cup second leg Semi-final matches will bring out the two finalist on Tuesday and Wednesday.
On Tuesday, In Istanbul, Galatasaray will host Genclerbirligi.Genclerbirligi won the first match 1-0 in Ankara. On Wednesday, Kayseispor will host Caykur Rizespor at home. Kayserispor has a big advantage going in to this match...In the first match Kayserispor won it with 3-0 score.


Believe it or not, you heard it here first!....

Galatasaray offered Muhsin Ertugral, who coaches in the South Africa, a coaching job.

He is curently coaching The Kaizer Chiefs team in the Premeir Soccer League in the South Africa.

Muhsin Ertugral, is known as coaching many teams in Africa.
Turkish born Muhsin Ertugral coached in Germany too, in his early days of coaching.

Muhsin Ertugral is currently considering an offer from Turkish club Galatasaray to take over as their first-team manager from next season.

He told the Pretoria News that he has received an offer form the club to replace Cevat Güler at the helm of the 2000 UEFA Cup winners.

"I can't say whether I will take it or not at the moment. Anything in football is possible," said Ertugral, who would be making a return to the city of his birth, Istanbul, if he takes up the position.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Going gets rough and though for teams on top and the bottom in the Turkish Turkcell Super League!..

Just when every one thought,Fenerbahce was going to finish the match against Ankaraspor with a win , a goal in last seconds of stoppage time,breaks Fenerbahce's fans heart!... They settle for a draw....

Things at the top,even between Fenerbahce and Galatasaray!....

The sleeper team, Sivasspor (voice of Anatolian teams)is coming strong after winning in away match in Kayseri.....

Besiktas, thanks to Fenerbahce draw, still has a chance to do something, if they win their last four games and hope for the others to collapse !....

Also, it is very crucial at the bottom too.....

Kasimpasa , pretty much, after losing this weekend, are done!.....
what is unknown is who will be the other two teams will go down!.....
There are about four or five teams that is in hot seat....
Manisaspor and Caykur Rizespor , if they don't win their last four matches , they could be the teams that will relegate.
So,this is how Turkcell Super League looks, at the end of 30th week, and four round to go......
Fenerbahce and Galatasaray on top with 67 points, Sivaspor on third with 64, Besiktas on fourth with 61 points.
At the bottom, Kasimpasa with 22,Manisaspor with 26 and Caykur Rizespor with 29 points.Geblerbirligi, Konyaspor,Bursaspor and Ankarspor still in the danger zone!..


Ankaraspor: 2 Fenerbahce: 2
Fenerbahce started the match strong and at the seventh minute, Alex scored the first goal of Fenerbahce. Than, Ankaraspor's Tita passed the ball to Hamilton who shot low and scored the first goal of Ankaraspor at the 31st minute. Gokcek Wederson's 58th-minute goal then looked to be enough to wrap up the points Fenerbahce but at the last seconds of stopege , De Nigris shot the ball in front of Mehmet Yılmaz who scored the second goal of Ankaraspor. The game ended with a score of 2-2.


Let me say this, Because of pressure from Turkish Media, Zico, ever since before Chelsea match in London, wrote off Kezman,from the starting line up!...

He did this in this match too!...Turkish Media's hero S.Senturk, started the match but, as I said it before, he is not a starter striker for Fenerbahce!...
He might be the leading goal scorer in the league with 15 goals, but, he scored most of those goals when he came from bench!..That is why they call him the super sub!
Now, at the 81th minute of the match, Zico, takes out Semih and puts in Kezman!..
Kezman, mentally should not even be in this match..... that is how he look when he entered the match...At the 88th minute while he was attacking the Ankaraspor goal, the defender handles the ball and ref, calls it, penalty kick!...

Kezman, goes up to team penalty kicker and team Captain Alex, asks him, if he could take the penalty kick,,,,than Alex says ok!....He wants to be nice to Kezman and built his morale up!....Kezman , the "unhappy" man in Fenerbahce,kick the ball out and misses the penalty!....Unfocused Kezman, should never taken this penalty kick!....
At the end of the league this penalty kick will be the focus point if Fenerbahce does not finish on top!....

Also on Sunday,Third-placed Sivasspor took advantage of Fener's slip as they narrowed the gap to just three points with a 1-0 success at Kayserispor.

Striker Mehmet Yildiz scored the only goal after 50 minutes.

At the other end of the table Konyaspor moved out of the bottom three after substitute Jonathan Tehoue netted twice to clinch a 2-0 win against Bursaspor.

An 11th-minute strike from Mehmet Sen gave Caykur Rizespor an important win in their match with bottom club Kaspimpasa, who are now seemingly doomed to relegation.

The win moves Caykur Rizespor two points from safety while Kaspimpasa are a further seven points back.

Second-from-bottom Manisaspor failed to ease their drop fears with a 2-1 defeat at home to Ankaragucu, leaving them five points from safety.

Galatasaray share the top spot with Fenerbahce in the Turkish Turkcell Super League with a 1-0 win at home to Trabzonspor.
Arda Turan scored the only goal of the game in the 50th minute/
Istanbul Buyuksehir twice came from behind to win 3-2 at Denizlispor thanks to two goals from Necati Ates.

The home side took the lead through Yusuf Simsek's 32nd-minute penalty only for Ates to level a minute later.

Selahattin Kinali restored Denizlispor's lead after 57 minutes but Ates struck his second equaliser in the 68th minute.

And Ilhan Sahin, on as a 79th-minute substitute, netted the winner three minutes from time.

Genclerbirligi beat Gaziatepspor 2-0 thanks to an own goal from Mehmet Cogum in the 54th minute and Carlos Kahe's 88th-minute strike.

Besiktas lose at home
Besiktas have seen their Super League title hopes hit hard by a 1-0 home loss against Genclerbirligi OFTAS in Istanbul.

Kadir Bekmezci scored the only goal after 56 minutes to inflict a seventh defeat of the season on Besiktas.

They remain six points behind leaders Fenerbahce and Galatasaray.

Saturday, April 12, 2008



Besiktas pretty much ended their Turkcell Super League title hopes a 1-0 home loss against Genclerbirligi OFTAS in Istanbul.

Kadir Bekmezci scored the only goal in the match for Oftas, after 56 minutes to inflict a seventh defeat of the season on Besiktas.

This was the third loss in the last four matches!....

After the match,at the press conference, Besiktas Rookie coach Ertugrul Saglam, wanted, the fans and the media, to be patient with him, as a Besiktas coach.

He said , Besiktas loss this match due to many injuries in the team!...

Is that a Good reason!.....

I have been saying all season long, the Defense, is the big problem!...

And that was proved one more time in this match, again......

I would like to suggest to Ertugrul Saglam, to watch the goal again....

Under Ertugrul Saglam's watch, Besiktas loss, a lot of prestige!...

Besiktas was beaten very badly by Liverpool,in England...The history will not forget
Ertugrul Saglam with this score....

Than, Besiktas was eliminated in the Turkish Fortis Cup, now, Forget the top spot in the league, Besiktas, might not be playing in the Champions League, in the next season!.....

After all this, He still saying Besiktas still has a chance to finish first!...

Are you kidding me!....

What are you watching....there is four matches left in the league and you are going to finish, on top of Fenerbahce,Galatasaray and Sivasspor!.....

Wake up!...Mr. Saglam, and smell the have missed your chance and the Besiktas fans can not be patient with you anymore!....
Pack your bags and please go!....

Friday, April 11, 2008


After Fenerbahce won the first leg match in Istanbul, there was a big hipe about the second leg match!....all of the Turkish TV and Sports Radio programs, were the center of this hot debate!....

After Super Sub Semih Senturk, scored last minute, winning goal, against Kayserispor, during the League match, before the clash in London, most of the media in Turkey and many Fenerbahce fans, wanted to see Semih Senturk, Start the match, against Chelsea.

Most of the media outlets did a survey about who should start!....

Most interested one , happened at the government control TRT TV.....
During the Stadium soccer program, The host, Erdogan Arikan, asked the viewers to vote on their web site, who should start against Chelsea!...

At the end of the program, most of the viewers said ...Semih Senturk.....
That was obvious......

But, they were not the coach of Fenerbahce team.....

I still thought, that would never happened, with Zico......

In a recent interview with British Media....He was saying
" he will never take orders from above on who to play and which system to use. 'We obviously owe explanations to the president or the owner of the club,' he says. 'After all, he is your boss. One knows what kind of things are acceptable to keep the job, but I would never allow my autonomy to be threatened. I line up my team, and only me."

Even in my interview, on talk sport radio program in England ,I told the hosts of the radio show, Ross and Jason ,that, Zico will Start Kezman instead of Semih!....

And I talked about what Turkish Media and Fenerbahce fans wanted......

I was wrong!...... Semih Senturk, started the match.......

Now, what happened!....

Did someone change Zico's mind?....

I thought, like he said,in that interview, he did not take any order from above!...

So, Aftermath of this match we found onething Semih Seturk,is not Champions League player....

Every Fenerbahce fans, should know this....

Pressure by Turkish media, about Semih Senturk, I think ,cost Fenerbahce!...

I think, If Kezman was starter in this match ...the aftermath of this match, would it be different ,in my opinion!....

Turkcell Super League Week-30

Turkcell Super League takes a start on Friday with Besiktas against Genclerbirligi Oftas match.
Because of punishment by TFF disciplinary committee Besiktas will play this match in a empty stadium.
Turkish Soccer Federation Professional Soccer Discipline Committee has ordered Besiktas to play one home game behind closed doors and another home match at a neutral stadium while also fining the team YTL 80,000 as punishment for the misbehavior of its fans during the Fenerbahce match last weekend.
Besiktas can't afford to lose this match!.....

April 11th, Friday:
Besiktas v Genclerbirligi Oftas Spor

April 12th, Saturday:
Denizlispor v Istanbul B.sehir Belediyesi
Genclerbirligi v Gaziantepspor
Galatasaray v Trabzonspor

April 13th, Sunday:
Kayserispor v Sivasspor
Vestel Manisaspor v Ankaragucu
Konyaspor v Bursaspor
Kasimpasa v Caykur Rizespor
Ankaraspor v Fenerbahce

Turkey slips five places in FIFA rankings

The Turkish national soccer team fell five places to 23rd in the latest FIFA world rankings released yesterday. Getting a 2-2 draw at minnow Belarus recently in a friendly game, Turkey is on 860 points.

European champion Greece rose to its highest ever position of eighth in the FIFA world rankings. With Argentina still at No. 1 at the head of an unchanged top seven, Greece rose two places in the list released after beating Portugal 2-1 last month in a friendly.

The game was a rematch of the nations 2004 European Championship final, in which Greece surprisingly beat the hosts 1-0. With Brazil, Italy, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and France filling out the rest of the top seven spots, Portugal dropped a place to ninth and the Netherlands a place to 10th. Ghana remained Africa's highest ranked team at No. 14, with Mexico two spots back as CONCACAFs best side.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Coach Zico has called for an end to restrictions on the number of foreign players at Turkish clubs after Chelsea knocked his side out of the Champions League.

The Istanbul club lost the quarter-final 3-2 on aggregate after Tuesday's 2-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge.

"I believe that if we can invest just a bit more and if our players can be strengthened and given more experience, we can become one of the major teams in Europe," Zico said.

He said the team was affected by the absence of veteran Brazilian defender Roberto Carlos, who is still recovering from an injury sustained in the first leg of their last 16 tie with Sevilla.

"Another factor is the limit on the number of foreign players that we can field. When you look at our opponents they have many more alternatives in who they can play," Zico added.

"Not so much in defence, but we could want more of a contribution in the areas of midfield and in attack. I hope that the (Turkish Football) Federation will give this the proper consideration. The limits should be abolished.

In Turkey, six foreigners can be fielded at anyone one time, plus another two foreigners on the bench.

Alongside Roberto Carlos, Fenerbahce's squad includes Brazilians Alex, Deivid and Edu, as well Uruguayan Diego Lugano, Chilean Claudio Maldonado, Ghanaian Stephen Appiah and Serbian Mateja Kezman.

Several other players have joint Turkish and foreign nationality, including Brazilian Mehmet Aurelio.

Fenerbahce have repeatedly complained about the limits on foreign players.

But the chairman of Turkey's Football Federation Hasan Dogan said last month the 6+2 system would continue until UEFA had made a ruling on the issue, saying that although clubs wanted restrictions lifted this would harm the national team.

Zico said after Tuesday's match that his representative would hold talks with Fenerbahce on his future at the club.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Cech will not play against Fenerbahce

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has been ruled out of the Champions League quarter-final second leg with Fenerbahce after undergoing surgery on a facial injury.

The 25-year-old - who only recently returned to training following a period out with ankle ligament damage - sustained the injury when he collided with a team-mate in training.

It will be a fortnight before he returns to action, according to Sky Sports.

A statement on the club website read: "Petr Cech underwent surgery yesterday following a training ground accident which left him with lacerations to his lip and chin.

"Petr will begin his rehabilitation immediately and we hope to have him back playing as soon as possible."

Blues boss Avram Grant was expected to recall the shot-stopper for Tuesday's game at Stamford Bridge, but Carlo Cudicini is now expected to stand in as he has for the past six weeks.

Otherwise Chelsea have no major injury concerns as they hope to overturn a 2-1 deficit after last week's defeat in Istanbul.

Roberto Carlos is a doubt for Fenerbahce after recovering from a knee injury, while Ghana midfielder Stephen Appiah has not played since December due to an unusual problem which threatened to end his career.

Appiah had suffered knee injuries for the previous year and was diagnosed with a blood clot, prompting Fenerbahce to remove him from their roster for the second half of the 2007/8 season. Colin Kazim-Richards could be handed a start on his return to his hometown after he scored for the Canaries in the first leg.

Full-back Gokhan Gonul returns from suspension.



Galatasaray and Fenerbahce wins it late,Besiktas back in the race........

Galatasaray kept in touch with Fenerbahce at the top of the Turkish Turkcell Super League with a last-gasp 1-0 win against Genclerbirligi. On the other hand, League Leader Fenerbahce on Saturday did the same thing against strong Kayserispor,Besiktas after beating Sivasspor in Sivas 2-1 ,got back in the race.

On Sunday,Galatasaray had to wait until the 88th minute for Cassio Lincoln to score the winning goal that keeps the Turkish giants two points behind Fenerbahce with five games left.

Sivasspor and Besiktas remain three points behind in third and fourth respectively. The two sides met with Besiktas edging the contest 2-1 thanks to two early goals from Filip Holosko.The Slovak striker struck in the ninth and 14th minutes to put Besiktas in charge, before Mehmet Yildiz set up a tense finish with a goal for Sivasspor in the final minute of the game after Ibrahim Kas had been sent off for Besiktas.

At the end of the table Caykur Rizespor and Konyaspor failed to ease their relegation worries with a 2-2 draw.Fifth-bottom Konyaspor took the lead in the first half through Veysel Cihan before second-half substitute Dos Santos Anderson equalised after being on the field just two minutes.Cihan scored again in the 79th minute, but second-bottom Caykur Rizespor drew level again a minute later through Fahri Tatan and hung on for a point despite Tatan seeing red with 10 minutes to play.

Elsewhere on Sunday, Manisaspor stayed in the bottom three after Eser Yagmur's fourth-minute goal for Bursaspor earned them a 1-0 win.

Gaziantepspor beat Ankaragucu 2-1 with Bulent Bolukbasi scoring in the 29th and 90th minutes after Gokhan Emreciksin had levelled on 55 minutes, while Ankaraspor beat Istanbul Buyuksehir 1-0 thanks to a 44th-minute goal by Mehmet Yilmaz.

On Saturday, Fenerbahce have left it late with a last-gasp victory over Kayserispor.Substitute Semih Senturk struck in stoppage-time to earn the hosts a 2-1 victory after De Souza Alex's 65th minute penalty had equalised Alioum Saidou's 32nd-minuteopener.

Also on Saturday,League bottom team, Kasimpasa picked up a rare win away to Genclerbiligi thanks to a 10th-minute effort from Berthel Askou but remain almost certainties for relegation.

On Friday, In th openning match of the week, Trabzonspor leapfrogged Denizlispor by beating them 2-0 to move into sixth place in the Turkish Turkcell Super League.

Umut Bulut opened the scoring for the hosts three minutes before half-time and substitute Adnan Gungor made the game safe six minutes after the restart.Trabzonspor move two points clear of their opponents thanks to the victory.

Fenerbahce star Deivid mocks Chelsea, Cudicini

Fenerbahce striker Deivid has taunted Chelsea ahead of their Champions League quarterfinal return-leg in London.
Roman Abramovich has spent more than £350million on players since taking over the club but Deivid claimed that it will count for nothing.

He said: "In football, names and money don't win games. You have to go out there and play, 11 against 11. Money buys players, but doesn't build teams. We will play until the death and the better side on that specific night will be in the semi-finals."

And the Brazil ace rubbed salt into the Blues' wounds when he revealed that former Chelsea striker Mateja Kezman had told the Fenerbahce players that Carlo Cudicini is dodgy at certain shots.

Deivid said: "Before the game I spoke to Kezman and he told me their keeper would have problems if we shot and the ball curled away from his position.

"He told me he used to stay stepping over the goalline, so he had difficulties to react when the ball went too far from him.

"That is what I tried but I never imagined the ball would go where it went - though I think Cech wouldn't have been able to save it either!"

Source:( - April 06, 2008 )


Chelsea left Istanbul wondering how they had managed to lose their Champions League quarter-final first leg to Fenerbahce but they should recover from the setback in Tuesday's home return.

For all the celebrations of the Turkish side's upset 2-1 victory, the odds remain heavily in favour of the London side, who need only a 1-0 success to advance to a semi-final meeting with either Arsenal or Liverpool.

"We played well in Turkey, not just in the first half but in the second half until they scored," manager Avram Grant said.

"Fenerbahce are a good team with a good coach. Zico was a player I liked very much. It will not be easy but I know we can win. We have a lot of quality and can beat anyone.

"I know what I expect and what we can do. I have confidence in my team, never mind whether we are playing Fenerbahce or Barcelona."

Grant rested half his first-choice side for Saturday's 2-0 win at Manchester City and said the squad factor had been important in enabling the club to challenge on two fronts deep into the season.

"During December and January nearly all the big players were out," he said of the likes of Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba and Michael Essien.

"This group of players has brought us to the place we are now. They have done a terrific job - so we trust them."

Nevertheless, the second leg of a Champions League quarter-final is not a place for sentiment and the big guns will all be back.

Essien played at right back in the first leg but could give way to Paulo Ferreira while Petr Cech could return from injury in place of Carlo Cudicini.


It is at the other end where Grant's selection will be vital, however, with a likely starting front three of Didier Drogba, Salomon Kalou and Joe Cole with Nicolas Anelka on the bench.

Chelsea have lacked the panache of Premier League title rivals Manchester United in recent weeks but they have developed a nuggety ability to get the job done and, combined with a two-year 10-game home unbeaten run in the competition, they will back themselves to get the result they need.

Fenerbahce's first foray into the last eight of Europe's elite competition has got everyone around the club buzzing.

However, they just about managed to deal with domestic matters when an injury-time winner earned a 2-1 home victory against Kayserispor on Saturday which consolidated their lead at the top of the Turkish first division.

Goalkeeper Volkan Demirel, an important element of the club's success last week and expected to be a busy man at Stamford Bridge, was rested on Saturday, while Edu was also out of action after suffering a blow to the head in the Chelsea game.
Leading goalscorer Semih Senturk scored the winner and could provide Zico with a valuable option, probably off the bench, on Tuesday, should they concede and need to score.

Saturday's match also marked a comeback for Roberto Carlos who has been out of action since the first leg of the last 16 tie with Sevilla, giving Zico a defensive dilemma.

"I don't think he is ready yet, he had some difficulties" he said of his compatriot.

The vast experience of Roberto Carlos and Zico's impressive resume have helped build the confidence of the Turkish side, who are really beginning to believe they deserve their place at the top table.

"Our opponents are quality but they do not scare us," Zico said.

Probable teams:

Chelsea: 23-Carlo Cudicini; 20-Paulo Ferreira, 26-John Terry, 6-Ricardo Carvalho, 3-Ashley Cole; 13-Michael Ballack, 4-Claude Makelele, 8-Frank Lampard, 11-Didier Drogba, 10-Joe Cole, 21-Salomon Kalou.

Fenerbahce: 1-Volkan Demirel; 19-Onder Turaci, 2-Lugano, 36-Edu, 6-Gokcek Vederson; 33-Claudio Maldonado, 15-Mehmet Aurelio, 25-Ugur Boral; 99-Deivid, 9-Mateja Kezman, 20-Alex

Referee: Herbert Fandel (Germany)


Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Observer:Zico still a man of style

Fenerbahce's manager will not abandon his attacking principles in pursuit of success. Photograph: Ibrahim Usta/AP

Big interview


Zico still a man of style

The Brazilian legend who masterminded Fenerbahce's taming of Chelsea in the Champions League is preaching the same ideals he followed as a player; and his commitment to attacking football will not be compromised

Julio Gomes Filho
Sunday April 6, 2008
The Observer

'As time goes by, his life as a football manager will be much better. Not only due to experience, but because younger players will regard him as a normal person, not a superhero.' Alex, Fenerbahce captain, April 2008

For Fenerbahce's most important player, as well as so many others of his generation, Zico was simply greater than Pelé. After one of the truly stellar careers as a footballer, tarnished solely by his failure to lift the World Cup for Brazil, Zico is now living a special moment. For the first time in his short career as a coach, the European spotlight is upon him. For the first time in their history, Turkey's most popular club are in a Champions League quarter-final. And it seems the story will not end here.

Zico argues that Fenerbahce's plan to become 'as big as any European big club' in 10 years' time is no fantasy. There is the money and the structure for it and he may stay to see it through. The path more travelled, however, is in western Europe. Sooner rather than later Zico could bring his attacking style to a major club in one of the traditional centres. If he does, there will be no compromise in style. 'I will never give up on football that is played well,' says Zico. 'There are too many defensive teams around, with players passing the ball sideways instead of going for it. I like my players to have fun and attack.'
And, if he does, there will be no compromise in command, either. Zico vows he will never take orders from above on who to play and which system to use. 'We obviously owe explanations to the president or the owner of the club,' he says. 'After all, he is your boss. One knows what kind of things are acceptable to keep the job, but I would never allow my autonomy to be threatened. I line up my team, and only me.'

Asked if he could be Chelsea's manager and cope with this kind of pressure, Zico reverts to the pat answer: 'In football, everything is possible.' For now, the analysis of his current European opponents tends to the negative. 'Chelsea became a more defensive team after José Mourinho left. They used to know exactly what they wanted. They used to mark in the opponents' half of the pitch, apply pressure and show high levels of confidence. Now I see Chelsea more restricted to defence, waiting for the moment to counter-attack. They are obviously still very dangerous, because of the quality of their players.'

After Wednesday's 2-1 first-leg victory, Fenerbahce are just one draw away from ousting one of the giants from the competition. Within the club, the conclusion is that Chelsea's first-half dominance occurred only because Fenerbahce had 'more respect than necessary' for them. At half time Zico reminded his men that they were international players, that they were good enough to peg Chelsea back. The message was clear: go out and play as you know, don't be afraid. The players listened to the commander. Chelsea, just as the Turks expected, fell apart under the pressure.

For Zico, coaching consists of two unconventional axes: number one, dialogue; number two, teaching through repetitions. 'I will never do as a coach the things I hated people doing to me when I was a player. For me dialogue is as essential in football as in life. I like to talk to my players and I never impose anything, I always give them the chance to make their own choices.

'Obviously football also consists of tactical work, but for me the main thing is to show my players their potential and show them they are important for the team. I don't want them to listen to me and follow strictly what I say. I want them to have absolute freedom, take decisions and sort things out inside the four lines. That is my philosophy.'

Talking is so important to him that translators have gained a vital role in his two jobs as a coach. Kunihiro Suzuki, during his time with Japan's national team, and Samet Guzel, at Fenerbahce, have been Zico's voice for non-Portuguese speakers.

'Samet is almost being raised by me,' he says. 'He was a young supporter who spoke perfect Portuguese but was turning cartwheels after victories instead of having a professional attitude. He's learnt that and you can see the difference now. He is so important, because I don't have much to teach the experienced Brazilian players I work with. I do have, though, a lot to say to my other players. The Turks weren't used to dialogue, they were trained simply to follow orders. I've changed this culture here, I've given them examples and the chance to take decisions, and this is one of the reasons why things have been working well.'

Alex, his captain, says he sometimes misses a more conventional approach to team problems. 'It is his style and he is the boss. He avoids confrontation and never raises the level of his voice,' says the playmaker. 'You can often see he is irritated, but he keeps calm and doesn't stress out situations. The man is excessively calm, almost a monk. Actually, with all the problems we are watching with the Tibetan monks, I'd say Zico is calmer than a monk.'

Calmness and tranquillity, which he transmits to his players. Two recent episodes show the power of Zico's word.

In the round of 16, against Sevilla at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán stadium, goalkeeper Volkan Demirel is preparing for the penalty shootout after two big mistakes that resulted in two goals. Zico ambles over and tells his keeper: 'Football is a great sport. It gives you the possibility of redemption in a matter of minutes. Forget what happened. You've got the chance to be the hero.' Demirel saves three penalties and Sevilla are defeated.

Episode two, Wednesday, versus Chelsea in Istanbul. Deivid makes a mistake attempting to help the defence and ends up poking the ball into his own net. The striker enters the dressing room at half time emotionally damaged. Zico reminds Deivid that he scored twice against Sevilla, goals without which Fenerbahce would not even be here. 'The own goal doesn't erase your history, boy. Head up, let's play.' Deivid redeems himself with a stunning 30-metre strike to seal victory.

If dialogue is Zico's number-one priority, training is second. He is not a studied tactician like Brazil's better-known coaches, Luiz Felipe Scolari, Vanderlei Luxemburgo and Carlos Alberto Parreira. Zico emphasises the basics.

'For me, playing football is a mechanical thing, like cleaning your teeth,' Zico explains. 'You need to learn the movements and have them in your head: controlling, passing, shooting, heading, crossing... it is all about training.

'If there is one thing I am good at, my gift, it is observing the movements of a player and correcting his mistakes. During my career, I did it right much more than I did it wrong. So, when I see someone is doing something wrong, I teach him and fix it. I would be selfish if I didn't share this gift.'

Centre-back Edu Dracena reports that the players do not even argue when the boss has a word. 'He approaches you and calmly shows you how it has to be done. You won't discuss with a man like Zico, one of the all-time greatest. You do it the way he says and it always pays off.'

After one training session, though, someone did raise question marks. Zico was trying free-kicks against the empty net and goalkeeper Demirel, up to a challenge, asked captain Alex: 'I am too young and I haven't seen Zico playing. Was he really that good?' The coach listens and prepares to show some old-school stuff. He needs to warm up and says the challenge will be on after his eighth ball. He does not need that many. After the fourth free-kick taken, his knee is already responding and he tells Demirel to be ready. What comes next is a fantastic demonstration of talent. Five perfectly curled balls into the net and the players have to ask him to stop in order not to dent the goalkeeper's morale for forthcoming games. Demirel has never challenged Zico again.

Fenerbahce's most experienced player, Roberto Carlos, explains that Zico's style contrasts with the other, far more tactical coaches he has worked with in Europe. 'Fabio Capello, for example, worried about the tiniest tactical details. Zico's training sessions are more focused on the basics of football. He is a coach who gives us the freedom to do what we know on the pitch; the only thing he demands is good football.'

The veteran defender's arrival is one of the keys to Fenerbahce's success this season. Before signing him, Zico sought to ensure Roberto Carlos would come and work, rather than beginning an early retirement in Istanbul. 'He is setting patterns and pulling the younger guys along,' Zico says. 'The players look at his professionalism and follow his example. I'm glad because I knew Roberto personally and I called him to warn him that he could not live off his name here, he would have to work properly along with the others, with no privileges.'

Zico was aware that names and medals mean next to nothing in Turkish football. Currently treated as a king - he is called 'Kral [King] Arthur' as his full name is Arthur Antunes Coimbra - Zico had been heavily criticised ahead of his Champions League campaign. 'I accept criticism,' he says. 'What I don't accept is precipitate criticism made without any analysis. I feel disgust when people who don't know your everyday work hit you below the belt. I have been called a trainee here! It seems that in Turkey everybody knows everything about football. What I suffered here made the Japan times seem easy.'

Zico was central to the startling rise in popularity of football when he moved to Japan in 1991, in the final stages of his playing career. Labelled 'Kami-sama' (God) by the Japanese press, he accepted the job of national-team coach in 2002, upsetting, he says, much of the English-language press there who had been used to a stream of privileged information from his French predecessor, Philippe Troussier. Despite a media campaign against him, Zico won the Asian Cup two years later. The 2006 World Cup, though, ended in first-round elimination and further criticism. 'I think I made a mistake there,' he says. 'I set expectations simply too high. Maybe I believed in our team more than the players did. This is experience and I won't repeat the same mistake here in Turkey.'

High expectations and a reluctance to forget the past are the walls that separate Zico from rejoining his old club, Flamengo. His first grandson was born two weeks ago and has been already photographed sucking a dummy decorated with the symbol of the club. 'I don't want to ruin it,' he says. 'I love Flamengo, but in football you go from genius to idiot in a matter of minutes.'

He joined Flamengo in 1967 when only 14. Seven years later he was a first-team regular. At a time when Liverpool were dominant in England and Europe, Zico scripted the golden years of Brazil's most popular club. He won the national league four times (1980, '82, '83 and '87), the Copa Libertadores in 1981 and defeated Liverpool 3-0 at the end of that year to take the Intercontinental Cup. Zico was man of the match and Flamengo the first Brazilian world champions since Pelé's Santos.

Zico remains the all-time top scorer at the sacred Maracanã, with the impressive mark of 333 goals in 435 games. His big disappointments came at the 1982 and 1986 World Cups - the '82 team regarded as the best Brazil side never to win the title and better than several that did. Four years later, he missed a penalty in a classic quarter-final against France and became the villain.

In 1998, Zico was Mário Zagallo's first assistant in a World Cup campaign that led to a loss to France in the final as people in Brazil began talking of how Zico brought bad luck to the country in World Cups. If the accusations demonstrate how quickly football turns its back on heroes, they are refuted by those who saw him play.

'For me Zico is a bigger name than Pelé,' says Alex. 'It is because I watched him playing, I watched the marvellous things he did. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Zico. That relationship of idol and fan made things difficult for me. I couldn't help looking at him and thinking, "Man, this is Zico in front of me, my hero." As time goes by, you end up getting used to it and differentiating things. Now we have a relationship of coach and player. And he is such a pleasant person to be with that I hope that after our Fenerbahce story ends we will be friends for a long time.'


Saturday, April 5, 2008


Fenerbahce's Brazilian flair is bringing it unprecedented European success this season.

Now Fenerbahce coach Zico and his players are on the cusp of what fans could only dream about a few years ago — reaching the Champions League semifinals.

Fenerbahce beat Chelsea 2-1 at home in the first leg of the quarterfinals on Wednesday, and could pull off a huge upset by knocking the Premier League team out in the return leg at Stamford Bridge next week.

With Zico and six of his players hail from Brazil, many are crediting the South American influence for the team's results. The 55-year-old coach, however, sees other reasons behind the success.

"When you look at the number of quality players we have, we are a bit behind Europe's other top teams," Zico said in an interview with the Associated Press. "But in terms of having a team spirit, I don't think we lack anything."

This year was the first time the Istanbul club even made it out of the Champions League group stage. It then upset Sevilla in the first knockout round, surprising many European experts and even some of its own fans.

"No achievement comes without hard work," Zico said. "We came here working hard. But, also, faith is a most important factor. I am trying to make my players believe that they can succeed."

The club was eliminated by AZ Alkmaar in the Uefa Cup's round of 32 last year, but was boosted this season by the arrival of Roberto Carlos from Real Madrid.

The former Brazil left back, who retired from international soccer after the 2006 World Cup, joined Fenerbahce last June. The side now has six Brazilians among its regular starters, along with a Chilean and a Uruguayan.

"These players played important games in the past," Zico said. "When you have them in your team, they give it a character."

Zico joined the club in 2006 after having coached Japan for four years. Although his contract ends this season, Zico said he has a long-term plan to make Fenerbahce one of Europe's top clubs, and a regular in the Champions League knockout stages.

His first obstacle is Chelsea on Tuesday.

"Our rivals there will benefit their fans' support and try to beat us," he said. "But we will keep our fighting soul and be closer to winning."

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Feldkamp resigns from Galatasaray


Galatasaray coach Karl-Heinz Feldkamp resigned Saturday after struggling with health problems and a disappointing season.

Feldkamp, 74, joined Galatasaray last year amid questions about whether he was fit to do the job. He had not led a team for eight years because of health problems.

Feldkamp assured fans he had fully recovered, but Galatasaray dropped points in the Turkish Super Lig as Feldkamp was forced to make frequent trips to his native Germany for medical treatment.

Galatasaray lost 5-1 to Germany's Bayer Leverkusen in the UEFA Cup in February, prompting fierce criticism of the team's management.

Feldkamp first coached Galatasaray in 1992-93, when it won both the league and Turkish Cup titles.

The club, which won the UEFA Cup in 2000, has been far from any international success in recent years. Feldkamp was Galatasaray's fifth coach since 2000.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Goalscorer Colin Kazim-Richards celebrates with Mehmet Aurelio.

A lot of, so called Turkish soccer writers in Turkey, didn't think much about Zico, as a coach!...but, he proved them wrong again!... In my Opinion, He was the master of this win... He was the one, who put Colin Kazim on the pitch and it worked.
Colin Kazim-Richards, known in Turkey as Kazim Kazim, came on in the 54th minute and, within 11 minutes, He scored the first goal for Fenerbahce and gave hope to his team. .
Deivid de Souza and Kazim Kazim scored second-half goals Wednesday to give Fenerbahce a 2-1 win over Chelsea in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals.

Deivid scored an own-goal in the 13th minute as a cross from Florent Malouda deflected off him and went in. But Kazim equalized in the 65th and Deivid scored with a powerful shot from way beyond the area in the 81st.

Malouda sent in a cross from the left flank, but the ball deflected off Deivid and went in, putting the visitors ahead.

Fenerbahce then tried to get through Chelsea's back line but forward Mateja Kezman, supported by Brazilians Alex de Souza and Deivid, seemed physically outweighed by John Terry and Ricardo Carvalho.

Fenerbahce's first attempt at goal came in the 22nd with a weak shot by Brazilian-born Mehmet Aurelio from outside the area which went wide.

The Blues almost doubled their lead in the first half, first with a header by Frank Lampard which went wide in the 26th and then with a close-range shot by Didier Drogba which was saved by goalkeeper Volkan Demirel in the 29th.

But the hosts came out strong in the second half, producing four crosses into the area and two corner kicks in the first 10 minutes.

A through ball by playmaker Alex found the unmarked Kazim, who beat Chelsea's offside trap and scored in a one-on-one with goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini in the 65th.

Deivid, Fenerbahce's top scorer in the competition, brought his tally to five when he unleashed a powerful shot from way beyond the area in the 81st.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fenerbahce v Chelsea...Live GameCast.....

Fenerbahce v Chelsea...Live here...

Zico: Fenerbahce must beat Chelsea at home
Coach Zico says it is imperative Fenerbahce beat Chelsea in Wednesday's Champions League quarter-final first leg.

'Fenerbahce are facing one of the most important matches in their history,' said the former Brazil captain. 'We definitely have to win the first match at home. If we concentrate properly we can achieve our goal.' Zico will be pinning his hopes on playmaker Alex in his team's debut appearance in the last eight.Alex scored twice in Saturday's 2-1 victory over city rivals Besiktas, a result that gave Fenerbahce renewed confidence in their battle to win the Turkish title. 'I don't want anyone to talk about the Besiktas game any more,' said Zico. 'Another very big test awaits us on Wednesday.'

Since joining the club four years ago, Alex has scored 70 goals in 116 league matches.

He could be joined in Wednesday's team by fellow Brazilian Roberto Carlos, who has been out injured since the first leg of their last-16 tie with Sevilla.

Midfielder Ugur Boral, injured against Besiktas, is likely to be fit while Onder Turaci will probably play at right back in place of the suspended Gokhan Gonul.

Chelsea manager Avram Grant finds himself in a peculiar position despite collecting five wins and a draw from his last six Premier League games.

A fortunate 1-0 victory over Middlesbrough on Sunday means the Londoners are still the closest challengers to Manchester United in the title race but there are grumblings of discontent among the fans.

The League Cup final defeat by Tottenham Hotspur and a humiliating defeat by Championship (second division) side Barnsley in the FA Cup have reduced Grant's chances of winning a trophy in his first season. Midfielder Frank Lampard should return after missing Sunday's victory with a stomach upset. Goalkeeper Petr Cech is doubtful with an ankle injury but Didier Drogba is expected to be fit after picking up a knock at the weekend.

Probable teams:

Fenerbahce: 1-Volkan Demirel; 19-Onder Turaci, 2-Diego Lugano, 36-Edu Dracena, 3-Roberto Carlos; 20-Alex, 15-Mehmet Aurelio, 33-Claudio Maldonado, 25-Ugur Boral; 99-Deivid, 9-Mateja Kezman.

Chelsea: 23-Carlo Cudicini; 20-Paulo Ferreira, 26-John Terry, 6-Ricardo Carvalho, 3-Ashley Cole; 8-Frank Lampard, 4-Claude Makelele, 5-Michael Essien; 10-Joe Cole, 11-Didier Drogba, 21-Salomon Kalou.


Head-to-head record: no previous matches

Previous appearances in last four:

Champions League: Chelsea 3, Fenerbahce 0

European Cup: Chelsea 3, Fenerbahce 0

All European competitions: Chelsea 8, Fenerbahce 0

Leading Champions League 07-08 scorers:

Fenerbahce: Deivid 4

Chelsea: Didier Drogba 4

Fenerbahce reached the quarter-final stage of a European competition just once before - more than forty years ago when they lost in a playoff to MTK Budapest in the 1963-64 Cup Winners' Cup.Fenerbahce are a force to reckon with at home of late, winning their last five European games in Istanbul and remaining unbeaten in 11, in which they have scored 26 times.Fenerbahce have failed to score in seven of 11 previous games against English clubs.Chelsea are unbeaten in all eight Champions League games this season and have not conceded a goal in the last six. They have gone 621 minutes of Champions League football without letting in a goal since David Villa of Valencia netted against them on October 3 last year.Chelsea won 5-0 against Galatasaray in the Champions League on their only previous visit to Istanbul eight seasons ago. They also won their Champions League away leg against Besiktas four years ago by a 2-0 scoreline, but that was played on neutral ground in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.Chelsea have lost just two of their last 12 Champions League away matches.