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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Former chairman of Besiktas team, business man and media tycoon in Turkey ,became the 41th president of Turkish Football Federation.....

There is a saying in Turkish, "41 kere masallah" " Forty first time,good luck "

Turkish Football and Mr.Demiroren needs that good luck, in my opinion...

Since July 3rd of this year, there has been a lot of water passed under the bridge but no solutions was found for chaos in the Turkish Football!

Even foreign news agencies like Reuters, after recent elections, wrote this, in their headings about Yildirim Demiroren, becoming the new head at TFF!

"Turkey elects head to weather match-fixing storm" (Retuers )

That is not this blogger heading....

That is the most powerful news organizations "Reuters", heading about Turkish Football!

The world is watching very closely, us

I hope you guys know that.....


DemirOren became the TFF’s 41st president after receiving 221 out of 253 votes.....

Yıldırım Demirören ran in the presidential elections as the only candidate for the TFF presidency.

He said he will work very closely with everyone to make Turkish Football better again....

"My only aim is for us to come out of this chaos unscathed, without hurting anyone or upsetting any person or team"

Good Luck to him.....

If the decision on match fixing case don't come out before the end of the march , UEFA, will speak instead!

UEFA, already warned TFF to make decision an match -fixing case and UEFA said TFF is very late on deciding on the case....

Here are the all the names in Yildirim Demiroren's presidency....

Servet Yardımcı
Arif Koşar
Talat Yılmaz
Fethi Heper
Mehmet Baykan
Cengiz Zülfikaroğlu
Mehmet Ufuk Özerten
Hakan Kanık
Taylan Üner
Mustafa Beyazlı
Edip Eren
Faruk Öksüz
Selim Koray
Ergun Tekin