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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Huge Blow....Azerbaijan beats Turkey!

This has to be the worst defeat In Turkish National Team history.

Low ranked Azerbaijan National team beat Turkey and shocked the world!

After losing to Germany in Berlin, four day before Turkey chocked against Azerbaijan..

Turkey suffered a huge set back to their Euro 2012 qualifying hopes after Rashad Sadygov's first-half goal earned Azerbaijan a surprise 1-0 win.....

With world famous coach Hiddink at the helm, Turkey lost two matches in four days!

After the match, Guus Hiddink said he never lost a two matches in four days, in his career!

He also said, losing to Azerbaijan is big disappointment for Turkish national team.

"Losing to the German national team - was not a tragedy, but defeat by Azerbaijan very disappointed us."


After two disaster match, Hiddink is under fire in Turkey, by Turkish media and Turkish soccer fans!

All the print media and soccer columnist in Turkey, are questioning Hiddink's and his assistant Oguz Cetin's credibility in the Turkish National team...

Even Hiddink's contract, with Turkish Football Federation was debated in the Parliament floor!

Democratic Left Party (DSP) general secretary and Denizli MP Hasan Ercelebi, raised the issue over the agreement with Hiddink.

The World famous coach Hiddink, is in hot waters in Turkey at the moment...

The master tactician,after unsuccessful period with Russia, looks like will have a tough time in Turkey too!

But , He is not the only person to take blame in Turkey...

TFF, Asistant coach Oguz Cetin and players deserves much of the blame too...

For Hididink, losing to Azerbaijan was the dark side of his career.

Lastly, losing to Azerbaijan for Turkish football, was huge blow and slap in the face!

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  1. This is an unacceptable loss. I'm sick and tired of watching the same players that couldn't qualify us for the last euro championship and the last world cup taking a leadership role on the team. With the exception of maybe 6-7 players (all the german-turks) I say bring in younger talent. We have had successful youth teams, so why is it that we never see them playing senior level. Muhhamed Demir, Tevfik Kose, and other young stars need playing time. Im sorry but the turkish defense is old and slow. I love servet cetins size and strength, and i feel he's still capable of being in the starting 11, but he looks like a deer in head lights when he has attackers coming towards him. Either they run right by him, or he sticks his leg out and gets lucky. And Volkan please don't play like you are god's gift to turkish goalies. Play like you want to win, not like you are expected to make a mistake and give up at least 1 stupid goal a game.