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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Besiktas's Boss Fikret Orman : "We want to be in the Champions League !"

Turkey's only team in the Champions League this season Besiktas president Fikret Orman is confident that his team is good enough to be in the Champions League tournament .

Orman was in New York last week and I had a chance to be with him at Besiktas USA Championship GALA !

Fikret Orman brought the domestic league trophy to celebrations  along with close to thousand Besiktas fans in the United States .

Besiktas president said, he believes Benfica match will be difficult but with home advantage Besiktas will beat Benfica .

He said ,over his four years  with Besiktas ,they went through a lot of rough times and played their most of their matches on the road because construction on a new stadium !

But at the end , Bringing in Senol Gunes brought Besiktas the Turkey's title in the Turkish Super Lig.

He went on to say, he believes in his players and coach Senol Gunes ...

He spoke very highly about Gunes saying he is not just a coach ,he is a teacher also on our team .

Orman said, " We want to keep going on in the Champions League as far as we can"

This will be good for TURKISH football too, he said.

Besiktas boss Fikret Orman enjoyed the BESIKTAS USA GALA in New York and thanked the Besiktas USA organization .

Besiktas will face Benfica on Wendsday in Istanbul...

Napoli and Benfica both have 7 points while Besiktas is only one point behind with 6 points .

That's why this is a huge match for Besiktas a win will pretty much will secure second place for them .

Besiktas's last match will be against Kiev while Benfica will host Napoli ...

Worst case a draw against Benfica will keep them in the race but a loss will say goodbye to Champions League !

Tomorrow's match against Benfica is like Do or die ...or Must Win match for Besiktas .

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