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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Besiktas team returning the Ziraat Turkish Cup to Turkish football federation(TFF) until its VICE-PRESIDENT and coach are cleared of charges in a match-fixing probe.

The decision came after a court charged Besiktas Vice- Presdient Serdal Adali and coach Tayfur Havutcu along club's security officer Ahmet Ates. Besiktas has become the latest club to be implicated in the growing scandal.

Besiktas Club President Yildirim Demiroren said,
"We told (football federation president) Mehmet Ali Aydinlar that we would like to return the cup...... We will take it back after our people are cleared"

On the other hand Turkish FA (TFF),responden with saying "We will make a detailed statement later"

The Ziraat Turkish Cup final match played between Istanbul Buyuksehir and Besiktas . Besiktas won the match on penalties.

Besiktas fans and Besiktas fan base group "Carsi" pressured the team to give back the Turkish Cup until Besiktas's name cleared from match- fixing scandal in Turkey.

The most of the Besiktas fans on internet and on Twitter said, they don't want the Cup, until this case is solved....

In a statement, Besiktas supporter group "Carsi" said . “Until the very last day that the court decides, all Besiktas members in this case are innocent,“We should distance ourselves with the suspects.

We will not support them, or call them ‘great’ until they are proven innocent,”

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Istanbul court jailed today Besiktas vice-president Serdal Adali and Besiktas current coach Tayfur Havutcu, in the match -fixing scandal in Turkey.

Turkish cup final between Besiktas and IBB (Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyespor) is one of 19 games highlighted in the police investigation.

Besiktas won the final 4-3 on penalties to win a place in next season's Europa League.

Total five suspects was arrested and send to jail on Wendsday....

Others arrest names are Besiktas club security chief, Ahmet Ates and players from IStanbul BB, Ibrahim Akin and Iskender Alin.

Iskender Alin and Ibrahim Akin already confessed to judge....


Istanbul Court on duty interrogated Sener, and released him by putting a ban on leaving the country.

Trabzonspor president Sadri Sener, who gave a statement at an Istanbul court within the scope of a match-fixing investigation, was released on Tuesday.

On July 3, Turkish police waged operations in several Turkish provinces and searched premises of several football clubs, detaining scores in connection with match-fixing charges.

Suspects included Aziz Yildirim, chairman of last season's Spor Toto Super League champions Fenerbahce, as well as a number of club officials, players and executives from several Turkish teams.

After a week-long interrogation, Aziz Yildirim was arrested and sent to prison on Sunday.


Turkish Football Federation's (TFF) former chief Mahmut Ozgener, who earlier was detained within the scope of a match-fixing investigation, was released on Tuesday.

Following his five-hour testimony, Ozgener was released by an Istanbul prosecutor.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Besiktas coach Tayfur Havutcu and club official Serdal Adali detained

Police detained Besiktas coach and a club official on Tuesday in match-fixing investigation in addition to several other footballers and officials including chairmen of league champions Fenerbahce and runners-up Trabzonspor.

Besiktas coach Tayfur Havutcu and club official Serdal Adali have been taken into custody in Istanbul on charges of manipulation, one day after Trabzonspor Chairman Sadri Sener was held by the police.

Prosecutors sent Sener to the court for arrest on Tuesday.
Besiktas were the champions in Ziraat Turkey Cup but they finished the league fifth, 28 points behind champions Fenerbahce.

TFF President Mahmut Ozgener and Trabzonspor president Sadri Sener sent to court...

Former Turkish Football Federation president and Trabzonspor president are the latest suspects in the Turkey Match Fixing Probe, who are sent to court.

Sadri Sener, Trabzonspor president and Mahmut Ozgener former president of Turkish Football Federation have been sent to court, after their questioning in the Istanbul Police.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Trabzonspor chairman arrested.......

Turkish police detained 22 people including the chairman of Trabzonspor Sadri Sener on Monday, in a widening match-fixing investigation which has already put 26 people in jail pending trial.

The detention of Trabzonspor's Sadri Sener in Istanbul came just hours after the chairman of Fenerbahce, Aziz Yildirim, was remanded in custody on charges of match-fixing and forming a criminal organisation.

Also. Mahmut Ozgener, the former president of the Turkish Football Federation, was summoned to police headquarters to make a statement over the match-fixing allegations.


The Turkish Football Federation decided not to take any disciplinary measures against Fenerbahce or Trabzonspor on Monday in the midst of a growing match-fixing probe, allowing them to compete in the Champions League.

The federation said it would wait until after prosecutors file any indictments before possibly taking action.

"Teams will compete in European competitions according to the current final league standings," federation president Mehmet Aydinlar said. "The results are registered to UEFA this way."

Trabzonspor is expected to take part in Friday's draw for the Champions League's third qualifying round. As league champion, Fenerbahce qualifies automatically for the group stage.

"Disciplinary investigation is going to be initiated after the court accepts the indictment of the prosecution," Aydinlar said.

Aydinlar also confirmed that the Turkish Super League will start on Aug. 5 as scheduled previously.

TFF presdient Mehmet Ali Aydinlar also said,"We are constantly in communication with the UEFA and the FIFA. The league will start on Aug. 5 and will be played as scheduled before, Fenerbahce and Besiktas will play the Turkish Super Cup final on July 31."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fenerbahce president charged over match-fixing in Turkey

Aziz Yildirim, the president of Turkish league champion Fenerbahce, was charged in court on Sunday over his involvement in an alleged match-fixing scandal that threatens to strip the club of its title.

Thousands of Fenerbahce fans took to the streets of Istanbul in support of Yildirim and other Fenerbahce officials who were also implicated in the scandal. Yildirim was ordered jailed pending his trial along with 25 other suspects, including two other Fenerbahce executives.
The suspects are accused of manipulating games last season, making Turkey the latest country to be affected by a slew of match-fixing and betting scandals around the globe that has also gripped South Korea and Zimbabwe.
In Turkey, investigators obtained evidence of cheating and bribery involving 19 first- and second-division games, the police said.
Fenerbahce won 16 of 17 league matches in the latter part of the season to come from a distant third place and beat Trabzonspor to a record 18th title on goal difference.
Fenerbahce risks losing its league title in the same manner as Italian club Juventus, which was stripped of its 2005 and 2006 Serie A championships over a similar scandal.
The Turkish Football Federation said it aims to decide on what measures, if any, it will take against the Istanbul club by next Friday; the deadline for notifying UEFA of which teams will play in European competitions. Possible sanctions include stripping the club of its title, relegating it to the second division and barring it from competitions.

Source : AP

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Actually it was late Saturday night for me,here in the United States, I was outside with friends....came hone and as I was looking at my twits ,I saw a lot of people were talking about early morning arrests, in Turkey on Twitter!(@turkishsoccer )

Early Sunday in Turkey, there was a wide search and arrests about match fixing accusations and so called motivation money giving to other teams......

Under the new law just passed in Turkey ,this became a crime and if found guilty, you could get up 5 t0 12 years in jail!

According to AA news, DHA news, and NTVspor TV, Turkish police on Sunday detained more than 40

people for questioning over allegations of football match-fixing, including the president of

league champion Fenerbahce.

Police were investigating possible fixing of a final week match between Fenerbahce and

Sivasspor, which ended in a 4-3 victory for the Istanbul side and helped it claim the league

title, as well as a match against Eskisehirspor.

Police conducted simultaneous raids at homes and club offices in at least 12 cities, detaining more than 40 people for questioning in an investigation into alleged match-fixing in the Turkish league.

Fenerbahce President Aziz Yıldırım was first to be detained in a probe into match-fixing allegations in the Turkish football league according to Anatolian news agency.

About close to fifty people ere detained in the operation, including Sivasspor President Mecnun Odyakmaz, Giresunspor President Ömer Ulku and former president Olgun Peker, Diyarbakırspor former president Abdurrahman Yakut, Fenerbahçe Vice President Sekip Mosturoğlu, Mersin Idmanyurdu Vice President Besir Acar, and Fenerbahce's new transfers Sezer OztUrk and Emanuel Emenike.

Among the detained was legendary former Fenerbahce player Cemil Turan too...

Police also conducted searches at Besiktas, Trabzonspor, Sivasspor and Diyarbakirspor headquarters and Turkish Football Federation offices early Sunday, according to Dogan News Agency.

Fenerbahce President Aziz Yıldırım's lawyer Rezzan Epozdemir spoke to journalists and said Yıldırım was "upset" about the incident. She said Yıldırım asked for his diabetic medicine, a book, a shirt and a t-shirt.

Fenerbahce High Commission Chairman Yuksel Gunay, on the other hand, said this was an "ugly" incident and an example of a "police state." He said there was no match fixing to be investigated.

So, a lot of people are detained and a lot more will be..

They are talking about close to 200 names...

Lastly, Eskisehirspor president did the best thing and announced they are suspending coach Bulent Uygun and newly sports director Umit Karan's contract for now..

Eskisehir did the correct thing......

As far as Turkish Football Federation, they said they will make an announcement once they get clear information....