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Monday, June 13, 2016



All the build up before this,  Turkish fans believed in Terim and his boys ..

Whole 90 and plus minutes, Turks looked confused on the pitch and on the sideline too!

Passing at the midfield was awful ...

Turkey had their only shot on goal was in 30th minute ...

That was the header by  Ozan Tufan , who should have scored that instead he gave to the keeeper !

Croatia scored from 25 meters by Modric !

Turkish Goalkeeper Volkan Babacan mad a huge mistake as far as timing and following the ball in the atack .

As I mentioned this, on my blog before, Turkey's biggest problem is the defence and in the middle !

Also, whole team is having problem stretching the match to ninty minutes....

Arda Turan has been biggest disappointment along with Burak Yilmaz ...

That's why , Fatih Terim took him out in the second half after he lost the ball one and one !

He is  not ready to hussle and bussle on the pitch....

Here is the problem , with Terim's line up , against  Crotia  !

Too many players has not played full matches in their teams...

Lack of playing time and not being ready was huge risk taking by Fatih Terim....

So, as Terim said after the match Turkey has to start first, to say it's not over ,until we say, it's over !

He said, Turkey always starts the big tournaments like this...

One good thing about in this match, Emre Mor  became the youngest player to play for Turkish National Team  who came in the match in the 69th minute .

I think, Emre Mor is very smart and bright young player who does wonder things with the ball !

Even though he is only 18, he is more energatic and claver most of the players on the team..

He plays with his heart and brain with endless energy ..

Terim is hoping, he could change the outcome of the scores against Spain on Friday ..

I think, he will do some changes in the lineup against Spain..

After Spain, they will face Czech Republic ...

Two important match is waiting for Terim and his boys.

It's not over but, Spain match, coming up on Friday is very important !

All the buildup by Turkish football fedaration could end up with disaster if they don't advance from the group !

Could the comeback kids  , comeback ?

Not the way they played on Sunday against Crotia !

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