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Monday, February 22, 2016

Only in Turkey ! Trabzonspor player shows referee the red card

 Trabzonspor's Salih Dursun  was sent off for showing a red card to the referee in a Super Lig match against Galatasaray.
Dursin was upset  by showing the red card as his teammate Luis Cavanda was sent off by referee Deniz Bitnel on Sunday which left Trabzonspor with only eight men. And with Salih Dursun receiving the red  card, Trabzonspor were reduced to only seven players.
Following Cavanda's red card, Trabzonspor's players surrounded the referee, causing him to drop his  red card on the pitch . Salih Dursun  grabbed the card and showed  it  to confuse Turkish referee Deniz Bitnel who then snatched it back and showed the red card to Dursun ! 
It was a bazaar scene...
All of  his calls were wrong ....
Including two of the penalty for Trabzon and the winning  penalty  for Galatasaray !
Today, Turkish referees head of person admitted, referee Deniz Bitel made a lot of mistakes in this match ....
This is on going  problem in the Turkish football !
The refs are really bad ...
And this will not be the end ,if they don't shape up ..

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