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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My take : Clutch Team Galatasaray Won the #STSL Tittle !

It was up and down for three Turkish giants all season long !

Galatasaray ,Besiktas and Fenerbahce occupied the top spot most of the time...

Akhisar hold the top spot earlier in the season in the third and fourth weeks.

Because of the teams could never open the point gap between them ,the gap was only one or two points most of the season !

For the first time , Galatasaray opened the gap three points in the 22th week....

I knew this chase would go down to the wire !

Fenerbahce and Besiktas could not perform like Galatasaray in the last five weeks ...

When I was in Turkey, Besiktas loss 10 points !

Besiktas problems started in the 30th week after a draw against Gaziantep in Ankara !

Following week, Besiktas had a another draw match this time against Akhisar....

In the 32. Week, losing against Konya was  disaster for Besiktas !

Fenerbahce was the only team to give challenge to Galatasaray ....

That hope was demolished for Fenerbahce in the 33th week when Fenerbahce draw against BasakSehir !

At the end Clutch team with clutch players won the Turkish Super League Tittle !

Galatasaray had clutch players like Sneijder ,Muslera, Selcuk Inan .....

Besiktas was young  team,they could not handle the pressure!

As far as Fenerbahce, their coach Ismail Kartal  made some crutual mistakes at the end of the tunnel!

His coaching from sideline was not that great......

On the other hand , Besiktas coach Bilic made some crutual mistakes in the crutual weeks .

That was costly for Besiktas too !

The team who started the league with coaching caos Galatasaray, started this race with bad start but finished on top at the end of the season .

In the 3rd week, Galatasaray was in 9th place in the league with 4 points!

When their Italian coach Prandelli left in the 10th week, Galatasaray was only one point behind
 Besiktas .

Prandelli won 6 ,draw 1 and loss 3 in 10 ,Turkish Super League matches!

But he was sacked.......

Because of poor Euroapian performance.

The new coach Hamza Hamzaoglu came in and picked up from there !

He landed on this dream job with the help from Fatih Terim's recommandation

Knowing Turkish players and changing couple things with teams lineup ,Hamzaoglu put Galatasaray on right track !

Players like ,Muslera and Sneijder was plus for his accomplishment .....

At the end .....

Galatasaray won their 20th Championship title in Turkey and earned their four star.

They were the clutch team.

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