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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Turkish football players must have a union !

After what happened to Fenerbahce's bus with full of football players, it's time to have "players union" in Turkey ! This is a huge problem in Turkey ... Football players has no voice and saying in the football society in Turkey ! They have no saying in TV deals..... They can't speak out , when they don't get paid...... While, teams are getting paid huge money by Digiturk,Turkish football players have no share in this big pie..... To order to serve and represent Turkish football players , as a collective bargaining representative,players need a union . In Turkey, either clubs or Turkish Football Federation #TFF decides on behalf of Turkish football players... Just like when a bus "full of football players," was shot at while traveling 80 miles an hour ! This is the end of Turkish football ,if you ask me ,my opinion ! Hate, absurdism by club officials and some Turkish football's bad boys, and fanatic fans, are part of the blame too ! Turkish football bus took a big hit on last Saturday..... But. none of those players on the bus did not talk and had any saying as far as Turkish football federation decision to delay Turkish Super League one week ! Why ? At the Turkish football federation meeting... There were all club official but not even one Turkish player ! They are the one, who play this game on the pitch..... Why they would not speak and defend their rights, it's behind me ! While there is no players union in Turkey , World wide players union (FIFpro ) is in 52 countries ... They work for football players rights ...... In the United states, where MLS was born late 90's , MLs players union was formed in 2003 ! Turkish football players (famous ,not so famous ), has to get together and start forming their union ! It's time to do that .... It's very shame to see TFF delaying only Turkish Super League matches not other leagues..... How could other league players play ? Aren't they football players ? If there was a players union Turkey, TFF and Turkish clubs would never act like they act now ! If Turkish players want a piece of the big pie and have saying in the Turkish football, they must do this ...

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