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Monday, March 23, 2015

Drama on the pitch in #STSL : Emenike and Firat Gate !

Yes , it's like watching  drama  movie on the pitch in Turkish Super Lig Derby match !

Fenerbahce fans  booed and taunted Emenike after he missed a chance to score ....

They kept  booeing him until he got fed up ....

Finaly he turned to stands and sad something and took off his jersey  rushed of the field !

On the sideline, Fenerbahce coach and Fenerbahce officials stoped him ,and made him go on the field!

Watch it here !

That was drama  one !

Drama two......

While this was happening ,

Turkey's FIFA badge refereee Firat Aydinus  was watching this whole drama !

Emenike took his shirt-offf .....

He did not see it or did anything !

Emenike comes back on the pitch .....

Firat Aydinus did not see it and did not do anything !

This was bad for Turkish football and Turkish referees ....

Firat Aydinus should take some time off !

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