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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Turkey's Hopes Dashed by Dutch !

Turkish National team 's  2-0 defeat at home to  Nethearlands  which eliminated them from World Cup 2014 qualification on Tuesday.

Fatih Terim and his boys needed to overcome the unbeaten Nethearlands to guarantee a spot in the Uefa play-offs but goals from  Arjen Robben and Wesley Sniejder denied Turkey !

Coach Fatih Terim was apologetic for the failure to reach their third-ever World Cup but was realistic about his side's loss to Neatherlands .

"First of all, I must thank our supporters, "They came here and the stadium was full. We are sorry for the Turkish people ."

"It would have been a pleasure to have achieved qualification. But we should tell the truth: Holland team is better than us and they play good football. You must score to beat these kinds of teams.

"If we could have scored a goal to tie the match ,everything could have been different. But it just didn't happpen.

"My players tried to achieve what was almost impossible. I'm very sorry. We wanted it so much but sometimes that's just not enough."

Romania defeated Estonia 2-0 to finish second in Group D and grab the play-off spot with Hungary leapfrogging the Turks by beating Andorra 2-0 in their final game, consigning Turkey to fourth.

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