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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Terim: We can compete with Real Madrid

Galatasaray coach thinks and believes if Galatasaray players play with their hearts  ,they could upset Real Madrid today !

"Real Madrid might be loaded with world  best players and big salary players , my players will play with their hearts and 12th man on the stands behind them will make difference "

"They are very strong ,but we want to beat Real Madrid, in Ali Sami Yen Arena again "

On the other hand Real Madrid coach  Ancelotti will set a record in Istanbul on Tuesday night.

Ancelloti will head the sixth club in the Champions League  in his career .

Last time, Ancelloti faced Terim, was back in 2001....

Galatasaray beat Real Madrid  last April in Instanbul 3-2 ..

Both teams are unbeaten in their domestic league ,but Galatasaray has a few draw instead of wins!

Galatasaray's biggest weapon will be Drogba tonight along with Sneijeder ..

Selcuk Inan coming out of the injury  should be  match maker for Galatasaray .

Muslera in goal should have a flawless match against Real...

I still think Galatasaray who plays in the big league does not have a real good second keeper in their roster!

We saw that last weekend with Eray!

The way he loped the ball in front of the goal was no no for a goal keeper..

That should be warning for Terim..

I am sure Terim had a few warning harsh words to his young keeper Eray ...

On the other hand, Real Madrid will have legendary Casillas in goal...

Gareth Bale and Ronaldo will be Real Madrid's weapons.

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