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Monday, September 9, 2013

Fatih Terim chasing a miracle


Turkish National team boys and their new coach for the third spell Fatih Terim still believes in a miracles ...

After beating Angora at home last Friday with 5-zip score , they are aiming to win their last three matches in the Group D and looking for some help a long the way  by Holland to beat Hungary !

Dream is still going on  , Terim, says ..

After really bad start in the group with Abdullah Avci, Turkish Football decided to bring motivator and father like figure to many players on the team , Terim to coach remaining four matches.

Tuesday's match against Romania in Romania will be hard fought one ...

At the press conference today, Terim said, he could see the excitement and courage from his players eyes ..

He said , my players ready to play and give their best on the pitch on Tuesday .

Romania is in first place in the Group D and a draw will be enough for them..
But, a draw will kill Terim's and his boys dream on Tuesday! 

That's is why it is oneway street for Turkey ... 

Terim gave a flash interview to FIFA. COM , web site here is what he said there . Can you describe your emotions about returning as Turkey's national coach?
Fatih Terim: My principle has always been to respond positively when national duty calls. Therefore, whenever I believe there’s such a need and my employers approve such a role, I have no second thoughts of responding positively to the call. After receiving the offer from Turkish Football Federation, I approached the matter with this philosophy and the result is that I’m now in charge of the team.   
What are your plans for the team? What needs to be changed? 
Unfortunately, Turkey's recent results have fallen below expectations. Certainly, we are in a position that we don’t desire. But instead of making changes in the current team, I think we need to modify the base of the system and our youth development setup. It will be vital to implement the right project with the help of experts in these areas. However, our main priority is the Romania game and we are fully concentrated on that.      
How would you evaluate the current situation in Group D? Do you feel that Turkey still have a chance of qualifying?
Instead of evaluating this matter on the basis of luck, it will be more reasonable to fulfil the needs of complex mathematical calculations in our group. Of course, achieving the impossible has always been my target but what we are chasing is a miracle now, and I am aware that performing this miracle depends not just on time but also several other factors. My aim is to ensure that our fans can watch entertaining performances from very talented players who can achieve anything if they really believe and work hard for their goals. For that reason, if we prepare well, work hard and reflect those efforts on the field, I am fully confident that we can achieve our miracle. I will certainly put all my efforts towards this and pray for it to happen.         
Where do you believe Turkey currently stands in world football? And what is the team's potential?
Turkey have already shown what they are capable of with their past achievements and established their position in world football. With all my heart, I believe that we have significant potential. However, raw potential won’t deliver the results you need. What we need is to properly handle our talent and to combine smooth physical and psychological performance with world-class technique and tactical knowledge. In other words, processing the talent in the way it deserves and making it sustainable.   
Do you think this current Turkish generation can follow in the footsteps of the generation that finished third at the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan?
Unless the world stops turning and the football industry stops developing, no two generations will be identical. Despite having common values, players who grew up in different cultures and conditions should be trained and handled according to their own generations. The 2002 generation played with great commitment and self-sacrifice and the 2008 crop were very ambitious. The 2013, 2014 and 2015 generation will be seen in a different way.

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