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Monday, May 7, 2012


Fenerbache: Among the teams cleared......... While, all 16 clubs MENTIONED in the Turkish match-fixing scandal investigation have been cleared of any wrongdoing ,10 players and officials banned between one and three years... Here is what TFF's web site said about all 16 clubs...... "There is no reason for punishment since the elements of the alleged disciplinary violation have not materialized'' Gaziantepspor midfielder Ibrahim Akin, who was with Istanbul Buyuksehir when accused, was banned for three years with Ankaragucu goalkeeper Serdar Kulbilge given a two-year ban. Eight others, including Fenerbahce's Mehmet Sekip Mosturoglu, Ilhan Yuksel Eksioglu and Cemil Turhan, received with a disciplinary banned,from any administrative or sports activities, including entering the stadiums. LATE NIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT..... The TFF's investigating body, the Professional Football Discipline Committee, revealed its decision on Sunday night after all the newspapers went to press and all the Turkish Football TV shows ended! They shocked a lot of Turkish people ..... Last year's Turkish Super League champions Fenerbahce, who were kicked out of this season's Champions League as a result of the investigation, were among the teams cleared. This decision came while a criminal trial of Aziz Yildirim, chairman of champions Fenerbahce, was still underway. Aziz Yildirim is still in jail pending a verdict..... Turkish Football, disciplinary board said there was no punishment for Aziz Yildirim. This, TFF's very decision, will be carefully looked at by UEFA ! In pass, UEFA said, "clubs could face relegation or exclusion from Europe over the allegations." Aziz Yildirim denies the charges and have been saying, the case was specifically designed to undermine Fenerbahce and him self.

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