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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trabzonspor did it, Inter did not!

Let me say this before I say anything...

Trabzonspor and Trabzonspor fans will never forget Inter Milan!

The score came out of Milan in the last minutes of the match, against CSKA Moscow ,really hurt Trabzonspor and their fans...

Let's not forget ,Trabzonspor is the only team who got four points from Inter in this group...

Maybe just because of that, Inter Milan did not want Trabzon in Champions League anymore!

Going down to CSKA in the very last minutes was not pleasant!

On the other hand, I wrote it here, before the match, a lot of pundits in Europe thought , Lille was going with Inter !

They were fooled by Trabzonspor and Inter too.....

But, Trabzonspor had a Turkish wall with Tolga Zengin guard in the goal!

Lille, could not go through that Turkish wall.......

Goalkeeper Tolga Zengin made some huge saves as Trabzonspor scraped a 0-0 draw at Lille that put Trabzonspor and Lille out of the Champions League.

Lille finished bottom of Group B and failed to even qualify for the Europa League,while Trabzonspor earned a spot in the Europa League!

Tolga Zengin kept out attacks from Moussa Sow and Eden Hazard, and it looked like Trabzonspor was heading into the next round until CSKA's late goal secured a 2-1 win at Inter.

That was bad news for Trabzonspor and Trabzonspor fans!

But, I could say this being there for the first time, Trabzonspor did well..

After Manchester teams and some of the Europe big names eliminated from Champions League, I think , Trabzonspor will have a better competition in the the Europa League..

After all, Trabzonspor still in Europe.....

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