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Friday, October 21, 2011

Dynamo Kiev 1- Besiktas 0

Besiktas had the one point in their hand, but they lost it with stupid plays in the stoppage- time!

Keeper Cenk Gonen's trying to delay the match and getting yellow card and Besiktas caretaker coach Carlos Carvalhal's substitution in the stoppage-time was biggest mistake in this match...

So, with this last-gasp goal Besiktas ,not only lost the match, they also lost the second place in the group to Dynamo Kiev.

Besiktas after losing a chance to capture the second place in the Turkish Super League this past weekend lost the second place with this last second minute lost in the Europa League in Group E.

Besiktas who spend million dollars in the transfer season,really surprising their fans with on and off the pitch.

Lastly, I have said this many times, Big teams should have smart and experience keepers in goal!

Yesterday , we saw this one more time again.....

Cenk could be young upcoming keeper but last night,he did not show that in the stoppage-time of the match!

Garmash scored in the third minute of stoppage time as Dynamo Kiev earned 1-0 win over Besiktas....

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