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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Turkey draw with Austria 0-0


Turkey missed a penalty in injury time before drawing 0-0 with Austria on Tuesday to boost its chances of finishing second in Euro 2012 qualifying Group A.

The luck ran out for Turkish National team in Vienna on Tuesday night!

Two shots of the post and one missed penalty kick!

Turkish National could not cash in, three points and settled for a draw and one point!

A win would it secure the second place and play-off spot for Euro 2012

But that did not happned!

That is why I said, this was a must-win match to secure the second place.

Now, allthough they are front of Belgium with two points, there is two very important matches for Turkey and Belgium...

They both play against Germany too

Turkey will play against Germany exccatly in one month in Turkey ..

Turkey will play their last match in the group, against Azerbaijan.

Turkish National team can't afford to lose matches, after this draw!

One draw or a loss could put second place in jepordy!

Going back to Tuesday night's match , A star player like Arda Turan should never missed that penalty kick.

Turkey has missed two penalty kicks, in the last two matches!

That is not good...Against Kazkahistan Burak Yilmaz and now Arda Turan!

Do we know who is Turkish National team's penalty kicker?

Last night's missed PK, might bite Turkey, at the end!

Let's just hope that won't happened....

1 Germany 8 24
2 Turkey 8 14
3 Belgium 8 12
4 Austria 8 8
5 Azerbaijan 8 7
6 Kazakhstan 8 3

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