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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Historical task for Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakır

Turkish referee Cüneyt Cakir will referee Wednesday’s Champions League match between Russians Rubin Kazan and FC Barcelona.

It is historic for Turkish referee's because After 12 years, Turkish referee team, will ref in the Champions League match!

Cakir assistant; will be Tarik Ongun ,Bahattin Duran, Firat Aydinus ,Tolga Ozkalfa.

Fourth referee will be Suleyman Abay.

As you probably know there are two extra line referees in the Champions League matches this season.

Cuneyt Cakir,34, was promoted to UEFA’s third tier of international refs just this year [Premier Development category].

Cuneyt Cakir has only a few international matches under his belt, the most prestigious of them being last year’s Europa League semi-final between Hamburg and Fulham.

12 years ago in November 1998 ,Turkish referee Oguz Sarvan, referee the Bayern Munich-Brondby match.

Ahmet Cakar was the first Turkish referee to referee a Champions League match back in 1995.

March 1st of 1995, Ahmet Cakar referee the match between Milan v Benfica quarter final match.

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    Congratulations, I wish they will ref nicely in the match. Great time for Turkish football.
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