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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


According to reports from England, Alex Ferguson and Manchester United wants Mesut Ozil!

Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson lost out on Ozil when Mesut Ozil was teenager, but they said to have been closely monitoring the 21-year-old playmaker.

Werder Bremen team is ready for the offer and waiting....

Let's face it , Werder Bremen want to make money on Ozil....

He has only one year left on his contract with his team..

So, that is why Werder Bremen, is open to the bids!.

They also dropped the price from £20million to £8m.

I would love to see Mesut Ozil go to Manchester United, my self...

But money is tight there too!

So who ever gives the the most amount of money will get Mesut Ozil..

Do you have any other team in your mine?

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