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Monday, March 15, 2010

Guus Hiddink Officially signs with Turkey!

So,long waited Guus Hiddink, finally made it to Turkey after all hoopla's and rocky road for TFF.

Dutch Guus Hiddink became the new coach for the Turkish national soccer team on Monday.

Hiddink arrived in Istanbul on Monday to sign the official agreement with the Turkish Football(soccer) Federation.

Having previously coached Turkey's Fenerbahce team to negative reviews 20 years ago, Hiddink said what happened with Fenerbahce was not too good, "But much has changed with time. I have a lot more experience in my profession. I have many lessons from my past."

Saying he was happy to be back after 20 years, Hiddink added that the future of Turkish football was promising and "we will have a lot of momentum by the start of practice in September."

Turkish Football Federation President Mahmut Ozgener told reporters that they had wanted a new coach who would bring international success to the Turkish team, adding: "we believe in him. We have completed our restructuring period and now Turkish football is starting a new era."

There were not one Turkish journalist at the press conference asked question to Hiddink, in English .

Lastly, no one asked about Turkish Nationals trip to United states to play U.S Mens National team...

that was kind of absurd too..

So, Hiddink is finallly signed the official papers with TFF..

Now the work began for Hiddink and Turkish National Soccer Team and current Turkish Football Federation officials.

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