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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Turkish National Team Drops In FIFA April Rankings

Fatih Terim's Turkish National team dropped in the FIFA's rankingas again...

After losing the 10th spot to Portugal National team in March rankings , Turkish National team went down to 14th place in the FIFA's April rankings.

While Spain stayed on top of the list and U.S National team moved closer to Turkish National Team to 15th place.

The Spanish team has a 31-match unbeaten string and picked up 63 ratings points in the last month with a pair of victories over Turkey in World Cup qualifying. Spain has 1,729 points. Germany, which lost 4 points last month, has 1,362.

The 367-point differential is the largest between the top two teams since FIFA began its rankings in 1993.

Also of concern to the Germans' was the 43-point gain by No. 3 Netherlands, which is 2 points out of second place with 1,360 points.

Brazil improved its latest ranking one place to fourth, dropping Italy to fifth.

Argentina remained sixth but England, which collected a Top 10-best 90 points in the last month, was up two spots to seventh, bumping Croatia and Russia each down one spot to eighth and ninth, respectively. France, which collected 70 points last month, went from 12th to 10th.

The FIFA world rankings are determined by points received from match results over a three-year period, with more recent matches given greater weight. Teams also get more points for playing relatively strong opponents.

Fifa World Rankings: Top 10

1 Spain

2 Germany

3 Holland

4 Brazil

5 Italy

6 Argentina

7 England

8 Croatia

9 Russia

10 France

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