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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kaos In Derby Match In Turkey!

Let me just say this—I am very disappointed with what I witnessed today.

Here on this Blog and my web site and my regular column on Bleacher Report, I always enjoyed writing about Turkish Football .

Until tonight.

What I saw was an unsportsmanlike act by both team players in this match.

There was no goal and no football on the field during the full ninety minutes.

But, at the injury time there was a head butt by Fenerbahce player Diego Lugano to Galatasaray player Emre Asik that started a brawl.

Everyone got involved!

Arda Turan got in a fight with his national teammate Semih Senturk and they punched each other.

After the brawl, the referee showed four red cards.

Lugano and Semih from Fenerbahce and Arda and Emre Asik from Galatasaray.

With this score, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are pretty much out of the top race in the Turkcell Super League in Turkey.

Both sides needed to win in order to remain in the race for Turkey's Super league title.

Lastly, the players who are very young and candidates to be stars shocked me today.

The way they behaved on the field and after the match with their comments was stunning.

After tonight's match, every one in Turkish Football has to look in the mirror one more time.

This should start with the Turkish Football Federation and Turkish National team coach and should go down to team officials.

Again, There should be really harsh punishments for this kind of behavior on the field.

If Turkish Football Federation is not quick to announce the punishments, it will be a disaster for the league and Turkish Football.



  1. Wow Ahmet, I saw the game ended 0-0 but I did not realise there was a mass brawl afterwards! Do you think Sivasspor will win the league now?

    Thanks also for your comments on Just Football

  2. Sivasspor is ahead of Besiktas only one point. They have a really diffucult games to be played. If they win they ein their rest of the matches tjey will finish on top . But, I don't think they could win thier rest of their, it will be between Besiktas and Sivasspor...As I wrote it in my preview article about this weekend I said it it was going to be Turning point in the league,,,in deed it was turning point for Sivasspor and Besiktas.... not for Galatasaray and Fenerbahce ...what happened at the end is just a shame...
    I think, the referee of the macth let the match get out hand....


  3. soccerfan8

    Typical moron comment especially as a Uruguayan was the main instigator!!

  4. Shameful brawl. I know it can happen since it's football, but you can tell both clubs were feeling the frustration of now realizing that they will not be the champions this season.. neither. And for GS, it probably hurts more because after that 4-3 win against Bordeaux and some decent results in the league, it's all gone to waste. Simply incredible.

    Please also refer to the following:


  5. Daniel, I am a regular reader to your blog too.

    I read your article, an it's great article, thanks for your all hard work.

    Like you said, it was shameful.
    What is so shame is the Turkish National team players who play on the National team Arda Turan with Semih Senturk and Sabri with Emre Belezoglu fighting with each other on the field.I have never witness this before.