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Friday, April 10, 2009

Besiktas Takes the Top Spot in Turkey

Besiktas did it, with a hard way after disaster first half they came back in the second half to beat Kocelispor in Kocaeli with the last-gasp goals. Kocaelispor scored the first goal of the match in the second minute of the match by Agbetu and the first half ended with same score after Kocaelispor shutting down Besiktas team.

But, after Besiktas was awarded a penalty kick , everything turn Besiktas's way , after the 75nth minute.
Zapotochny scored on penalty kick to tie the score first, than Bobo in the 85nth minute and Yusuf Simsek closed the curtain in the 89nth minute . It was a hard fought match for Besiktas.
Kocaelispor players lost the momentum after the penalty kick goal on the field.

So, call it luck or a brake , Besiktas is on top of the league until Saturday night...

If Sivasspor lose point or points on Saturday , Besiktas could close the weekend on top of the Turkcell Super league all by them selfs.

Like I said before, the 27th week in the League is the turning point...
Besiktas, came out clean, after coming behind to beat the team who is looking for live wire to hold on in the league....

Sivasspor will have to do that if they don't want to lose the top spot to Besiktas!


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