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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Besiktas Missed The Chance To Move On Top

Ten man Besiktas team just could not pass Bursaspor on Sunday night in Istanbul.

The scene was all there, with their 12th man , who did not stop chanting, until last minutes of th match.

In the last game of the week 28 in Turkish Turkcell Super League, Besiktas was hopeful of taking over the lead position. After all, Sivasspor, had lost 2 points on Saturday.

Besiktas was troubled by the dismissal of Ibrahim Toraman. With their defensive star red carded, Besiktas had to play the second half with 10 players.

The scoreless draw kept Besiktas at the second position.


Well, although they won the match againstIstanbul B.B, with one goal, Galatasaray did not play good football!..

But, Galatasaray had their hopes of a championship title is on the line again by a 1-0 victory against İstanbul BB. Galatasaray's only goal came at 66th minute when Nonda passed the ball to Milan Baros who was left all along by him self in the far corner,did the easy thing, score the Galatasaray's only goal.

Galatasaray player,Lincoln, played full ninety minutes of this match.

Also on Sunday ,Denizlispor beat Kocaelispor 2-1 and pretty much killed Kocaelispor's hope to stay in the league.

Antalyaspor after beating league's though team Kayserispor at home 2-1 , took a deep breath.....

Ankaragucu after winning against Eskisehirspor 3-2. still fighting for their life in the league .

League's last place team draw Gaziantep in Gaziantep, 0-0.

So, At the end of the 28th week, in the Turkish Super League, we know two things, for sure.

Kocaelispor and Hacettepe will go down to lower division......

And we know, Fenerbahce team who was in the quarter finals of the Champions League last year, will not be in the race, for the Turkish Championship, this season!

Those are pretty much facts, now....

What is unknown, is, who will be the third team,that will bite the dust, in the league.

Is it going to be, Ankaragucu,Istanbul B.B,Konyaspor,Denizlispor or Genclerbirligi!..

And finally, after both of the top team losing points this weekend, it is very difficult to say who will be the Champions of Turkey this season..

We know one thing , Sivasspor on top 57 points and Besiktas is breading on their shoulder with 56 points on second place.

After Trabzon winning this weekend , they are only 4 points behind Sivasspor and 3 points away from Besiktas.

And Hopeful Galatasaray, is on fourth with 51 points...

Although, Galatasaray, might seem a far away from top but, they still have games against Sivasspor and Trabzonspor.

So, If Galatasaray shapes up, and The rookie coach Bulent Korkmaz, start thinking like a champion coach, they might have a sure shot at the top!.....

Lastly, next two weekends will be very crutual for Turkish Super League Leader Sivasspor.

This weekend They will face Trabzonspor at their home field and following weekend they will travel to Gaziantepspor .

And let's not the last match of the season against Galatasaray in Istanbul.

So, Sivasspor will face some hurdles, on the way!...


Position Team Wins Points
1 Sivasspor 16 57
2 Beşiktaş 16 56
3 Trabzonspor 15 53
4 Galatasaray 15 51
5 Fenerbahçe 14 48
6 Bursaspor 12 45
7 Kayserispor 10 40
8 Ankaraspor 11 39
9 Gaziantepspor 10 39
10 Antalyaspor 9 35
11 Eskişehirspor 8 33
12 Gençlerbirliği 8 32
13 Denizlispor 9 32
14 Konyaspor 8 31
15 MKE Ankaragücü 8 30
16 Büyükş Bld.Spor 8 30
17 Kocaelispor 6 23
18 Hacettepe 3 16


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  1. A real pity that Kocaelispor is going to be relegated considering their top scorer, Taner Gulleri has played so well this season and is second on the top scorer chart. They have managed to play some good football and the last time I saw them was against Besiktas a week ago and they didn't look like relegation candidates.

    Fenerbahçe is unbelievable. I know that they're missing players from suspension, but so too were Galatasaray. How they lost to Ankaraspor (with no Ozer Hurmaci) is beyond belief. They're only hope now is in the Turkish Cup. Ironic how Mikkael Skibbe is no longer coach at GS but Aragones manages to stay as coach. Aragones was always overrated in my opinion and his management of Spain is his only notable achievement in my opinion. He was never great at the club level but of course Fener's president can never see past face value. It's to their loss that Aragones is still coach, but probably with the millions they're paying him they can't afford to sack the man.

    The fascinating thing about this season is that the top four clubs in the table all have played inconsistently against (1) lower teams and (2) against each other. Imagine if Fener beats Besitkas next week (I highly doubt it, but as a GS fan, I wouldn't mind seeing this happen if it helps GS cut the deficit)? The last weeks are going to count and GS are back at 6 points behind Sivasspor (who they play on the last match day after Besiktas at Inönü). What a season.