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Monday, September 15, 2008

Fatih Terim, has apologized!......

Belgium coach Rene Vandereycken, left in the background, argues with Turkish coach Fatih Terim, right, during the World Cup group 5 qualifying soccer match between Turkey and Belgium in Istanbul, Turkey, Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2008. The teams tied 1-1.(AP Photo/Murad Sezer)

That's right!....Fatih Terim has apologized for being rued to Belgium coach Rene Vandereycken during the two team's World Cup qualifying group game last Wednesday.

Why do it!.... and than be sorry about it!...

I just can't get that!...

This was not the first time and it will not be the last time,that , Fatih Terim will have to do this !....

I think , He needs to go to Anger Management Class!.....

Look what he said to the LIG TV Reporter, on Sunday, while He was watching Galatasaray v Antalyaspor match!..

"I regretted being in a tense situation like that.Thinking about the incident after the game, I should not have been provoked by a coach whose career is so unremarkable,Whatever he did, even if I was right, I should not have acted so tense. I admit that I made a mistake there."

He also said, "I owe an apology to my coaching staff, to my players, and especially the football fans, but ultimately, I owe myself an apology. An experienced coach like that should not have been let to be drawn into provocation."

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