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Friday, July 25, 2008

Besiktas spends 56.7m for transfers

Besiktas soccer club will spende 56.7 million YTL for transfers.

Besiktas will pay 56.7 million YTL for the next five years to the players they have recently transferred. (1 USD = 1.9 YTL)

Besiktas extended contract of Argentinian midfielder Matias Emilio Delgado, re-signed contracts with Turkish defenders Ali Tandogan and Gokhan Zan, and transferred Turkish midfielders Ayhan Tuna Uzumcu, Ekrem Dag and Ugur Inceman, and Czech players Anthony Seric, Tomas Zapotocny and Tomas Sivok.

Delgado is the most expensive player with 2.1 million Euro.
The club will pay a total of 11.2 million Euro for Ekrem, Ugur, Zapotocny and Sivok.

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  1. Cool names!

    I am surprised about all the money spend by the most important Turkish teams!