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Monday, October 1, 2007


Turkish Turkcell Super League week 7, wrapped up with a lot of interesting things!.
Starting from Friday night to Sunday night Turkish soccer fans witness a lot of strange stuff. At the end of the week seven, Galatasaray maintain their unbeaten series and stayed on top of the league with 19 points. Fenerbahce gave some hope to Fenerbahce fans after winning a match after 34 days!.This was turning point for Fenerbahce in the league.

When you look at the Turkish Super League in general....there was hardly any spectacular matches except Sivasspor against Bursaspor and Istanbul Buyuk Sehir Belediyespor against Vestel Manisaspor. Adriano Padilha scored hat trick against Vestel Mansisapor as Istanbul B.B.S,won the match 4-1.

The Sleeper team Sivasspor, came behind two goal deficit and beat Bursaspor 3-2 and hold on the second place in the league behind Galatasaray with 18 points.Although Pini Balili did not score but he setup the three goals for Sivasspor.
In week 7, teams scores 25 goals and on Sunday, in 6 matches, teams scored 18 goals.
There were a lot of goals in the league but, stadium in most cities again was empty!.
What ever the reason, as I have said this before, Turkish soccer fans don't go to matches any more!... League's sleeper team Sivasspor, is the only team played the 7Th match in front of full house!...Even Feerbahce, the team has all the stars,did not draw a full house!....this is serious problem for Turkish Turkcell Super League in my opinion.

Leagues first derby match between Galatasaray against Besiktas match was disaster before the match and during the match.
Just hours before the match , Galatasaray coach Feldkamp, punished Hakan Sukur and Brazilian Lincoln for disobeying the rules in the camp and took them of the team roster. on the other hand,one of Besiktas team board member was taking shots at coach Ertugrul Saglam and team.
When you add the mistakes by referee,Besiktas Goal Keeper , and Besiktas coach Ertugrul Saglam....they caused the defeat for Besiktas!..

After the match , Ertugrul Saglam said, "Galatasaray deserved the win!....they wanted more than us" Now, When you have a player like Delgado, when Besiktas paid seven million dollars, why won't you put him in starting line up?...and than, you decide put him in the match ,last 25 minutes of the match!.. Do You think he is going give you his hundred percent!....he won't!... and he did not....just like you, dear Saglam, no one in Besiktas team including you, did not show any heart to win this match...just watch the match again you will see what I am talking about it!

As far as the match referee, Selcuk Dereli, he was just awful!....Just before the first goal, when ball went out by Galatasaray player he called it corner-kick!..From that corner kick , Gala scored the first goal with a huge mistake by Besiktas Keeper Hakan Arikan. I said this before, I'll say It again.....Big teams need experience Keepers!... just look at the league.. is there any outstanding keepers that you could show?!.... Galatasaray, Fenerbahce,Besiktas, and Trabzonspor all has same goal keeper problems!.

Two of the Genclerbirligi teams, Genclerbirligi and Genclerbirligi OFTAS, won their matches!...But, there was only hand full fans in the stands!...( I wonder my friend from Ankara , Oz Kanka and his entourage when to these matches?!...)
There was new coach for Genclerbirligi Mr.Stumph, this was his first match as a head coach in the Turkish Super League...Nick Carle scored the first goal as Genlerbirligi beat Kasimpasa 3-1.

OFTAS, won their second match against CAYKUR Rizespor with the score of 2-0. Mile Sterjovski, scored the both goals for OFTAS.
The home teams.... Trabzonspor,Denizlispor and Gaziantepspor, all won their matches... Trabzonspor after winning the match against Konyaspor took a deep breath!
They were really under pressure by their fans....Like,Galatasaray,Trabzonspor played the match in front of empty stadium.....

Denizlispor beat strong Kayserispor and they showed a different Denizlispor in this match...if they play like this week, They will move up in the standings too....
One of the best teams in the last three matches is Gaziantepspor....They beat Ankaraspor without their star Mexican player De Nigris.he was injured for this match.. De Nigris,shares the top goal scoring spot with Gokdeniz Karadeniz ,they both have five goals so far....

After week seven, on top, Galatasaray closely chased by Sivasspor,Besiktas at third place with 14 points 5 behind Galatasaray.....Trabzonspor,Buyuksehir,Fenerbahce and Gazinatepspor all tied up with 12 points.The team that has not win a match yet, Ankaraspor, stands in last place of the league with only 2 points...
CAYKUR Rizespor and Konyaspor on top of Ankaraspor with 4 points.
Former Turkish Junior National team coach Unal Karaman , took the helm at Konyaspor and he lost his first match, against his former team Trabzonspor...
With that last interesting note, we wish Turkish teams in European League much luck!..
They will need it!....


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