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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

UEFA Executive Committee meeting in İstanbul

UEFA Executive Committe is going to gather in İstanbul on 26 and 27 September. Turkish Football Federation will host the 2 day event that take place in Çırağan Palace. UEFA President Michel Platini, Vicepresidents Şenes Erzik, Geoffrey Thompson, Angel Maria Villar Llona, Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder and Marios N Lefkaritis, committee members Dr. Franco Carraro, Dr. Viacheslav Koloskov, Dr. Gilberto Madail, Dr. Joseph Mifsud, Per Ravn Omdal, Mircea Sandu, Drs. Mathieu Sprengers and Gregory Surkis will participate the meeting. UEFA Honorary President Lennart Johansson and UEFA General Secretary David Taylor will also be present.

The meeting will start on 26 September at 14.00. On 27 September by noon the meeting will end and there will be a press conference at 12.15. At 14.00 o'clock UEFA and Turkish Football Federation will sign for Turkey's Grassroots Charter membership.

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