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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Besiktas team greeted Fenerbahce team officials with flowers at the gate first ,than, beat Fenerbahce with one goal. Aziz Yildirim, Fenerbahce president, did what he does best and not showed up !.
After the match , Besiktas president said He will not be at the second leg match in Kadikoy . Can you blame him for that!... I think Aziz Yildirim did not help this with his attitude again. Just when things were getting a little calm, a bad behavior by him would not help this league get any better.The scene at the Besiktas Inonu Stadium, before the game was worth seeing. Besiktas fans did not curse Fenerbahce nor their former player Tumer Metin and they did not throw any obstacles into the field which made more beautiful.So, after a ugly week of soccer this was joy to see !
Besiktas's only goal of the game came from Bobo da Silva in the 82nd minute. Prior to that former Fenerbahce player Nobre Mert, missed a open net before the winning goal.After the match Fenerbahce Coach Arthur Zico said that there is also another match which will define the finalist of the Cup. ’Besiktas only won the first half of the 180-minutes. We will play the second half in our own stadium. Today Besiktas scored a goal although we did not play bad. Besiktas used its chance well today.’When he was asked at the press conference after the match "why Appiah ,Kezman and Alex did not played " He replied "’Appiah was injured but it was my decision not to let Alex and Kezman play. Appiah suffers from a knee injury, we did not want to risk such an important soccer player just for this game. Alex and Kezman were substitutes because I decided in that way. I told Alex, that I do not want him to be tired in this critical period.’On the other hand, Besiktas Coach Jean Tigana said "we still have a second leg match in Kadikoy,this is not secure score to sleep on!
Kayseri Erciyesspor shock Trabzonspor
TTrabzonspor were handed a shock 1-0 home defeat at the hands of Erciyesspor on Wednesday in the Cup semi-final first leg. Lazarov scored the winner 8 minutes before time to get his team a very precious victory .
The second leg of the semifinal matches in the Fortis Cup will be played on April 26th ,2007.

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