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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Besiktas was better side !

Besiktas had  many chances to score  but  Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny 

played major role to 0-0 score !

He was the best player in this match  for Arsenal....

For Besiktas ,it was definitely Demba Ba !

He took three shots on goal in the first half and two of them were saved by Szczesny..

His amazing shot from center of the field at the six second of the match was amazing !

Watch it here....

 Wojciech Szczesny  saved the day  for Arsenal  ....

Besiktas keeper Tolga Zengin also made two key saves for Besiktas !

Besiktas will miss those chances , if they don't go to Champions League 

Around 50 thousand Besiktas fans put pressure on Arsenal  before and during the match.

They also honored their late honorary President Suleyman Seba who died last week . 

There were even  banners for Ferguson, Missouri at the stands....

Besiktas and Arsenal will take their fight  in the second leg match at Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal with home advantage is little closer to CL but, if they play like they played on Tuesday night, Besiktas will give cause problems !

Demba Ba , will be their goal weapon once again.. 

The second leg match will on next wednesday at Emirates stadium in London.

Just like the score , nothing is finished for both teams !

Besiktas needs to score goals and answer every Arsenal goal with a goal ...

The stakes are huge for both teams !

It's like do or die match....

Monday, August 18, 2014

Besiktas vs Arsenal

It is  important first match for both team...

For Besiktas , they want to go to London with good score,,,

For  Wenger's Arsenal , it is very important to score goals in away match in Istanbul !

After winning dramatic way  their first EPL match , Arsenal and Wagner have little worry..

After playing their first match on Sunday they will arrive in Istanbul on Monday .

According to news from british media , Arsenal coach said, "what ever happens, Arsenal wants to quality at the end of this two leg match  "

On the other hand Besiktas coach Bilic said, "We know Arsenal is very good team, we have nothing to lose ,we will give our everything on Tuesday night in Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul.

He went on to say, "We know Arsenal are favorites but  ,they are under more pressure then us , if we win it wont be miracle "

Qualification to Champions League  will bring in  8.6 million euros to the winner !

Tha's is why it's in away do or die match for both teams ...

Besiktas's biggest weapon will be Demba Ba against Arsenal....

With the help of noisy Besiktas 12th man, Besiktas would like to beat Arsenal in Istanbul!

They will be ready for Arsenal and Wagner.....

This is the place where back in 2005 , Liverpool beat AC Milan in the 2005 Champions League Final !

Sunday, August 17, 2014

5th International Sports Summit in Istanbul,Turkey

FIfth International Sports Summit will be happening on December 22 and 23 th,2014 at Halic University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Well known Turkish organizer and promoter Nedim Delibas  said , They invited many well known sports figures from Turkey and other countries to this years event in Istanbul.

Last year, many  well known sports  and political figures attended the event .....

According to Nedim Delibas, there will be many well know sports figures will attend.

Two day event will start on December 22th with panels and discussions about Turkish football and world football and will end with a gala on Tuesday night December 23th with award ceremony.

Last year,names like,,Burak Yilmaz, Ertugrul Saglam, Turkish FIFA referee Cuneyt Cakir,Besiktas President Fikret Orman and Vice President Ahmet Nur Cebi,from Turkish Football Federation Goksel Gumusdag,  Adana  Mayor Huseyin Sozlu, City of Sanliurfa Mayor Celalettin Guvenc,former Fenerbahce team board  member Nihat Ozdemir and head of the Turkish Parliament Ali Sahin and 11 sports figures from six different countries attended the event.

Organizer Nedim Delibas said , this years event will be much better.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Legendary Besiktas President Suleyman Seba has died

(Photo : Myself and Suleyman Seba ,early 1990's )

Suleyman Seba, who was the Besiktas's honorary chairman, surrendered to his illness at the American Hospital in Istanbul on Wednesday.

His dead ,shocked Besiktas fans and Turkish football fans ,,,,,

He died at age of 88 ...

I ,  myself  was very lucky to meet the Legendary man  in the beginning of  1990's !

I walked with him , on Akaretler Avenue to his apartment ....

He was not rich but he was great leader ...

He dedicated his most of life to Besiktas and lived in Besiktas !

He was loved by all the football fans in Turkey...

He was loved bu all colors of Turkish football teams....

He will be missed ! 

The legend coach of Besiktas Gordon Milne will attend Suleyman Seba's funeral  on Friday in Istanbul ....

Under Suleyman Seba's leadership, Beşiktaş won five Turkish League, four Presidential, five Turkey Cup, two Prime Ministry and six Turkish Sports Journalists Association championships. Seba also purchased Akaretler club building, Fulya Stadium camp facilities, Bsşiktas Plaza, Pendik and Cilekli facilities and Beşiktaş College during his period.
Suleyman Seba really trust with the British manager Gordon Milne lived in the golden age of Besiktas
His club released a statement on Wednesday, saying that Suleyman Seba will continue to remain as “part of our hearts” and that his name was written in “pages of history with golden letters”.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fenerbahce's New Coach is Former Assistant Coach !

Fenerbahce named assistant coach Ismail Kartal as coach on Tuesday to replace Ersun Yanal who resigned at the weekend, the club said in a statement.

Kartal had been serving as the assistant coach since 2010, three seasons under Aykut Kocaman and one under Yanal.

Yanal resigned from his post on Saturday, leaving the defending champions without a coach only three weeks before the start of the domestic league after reported difficulties with chairman Aziz Yildirim.

Yanal became the 11th coach to be replaced in the Turkish Super League  since the end of last season.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Besiktas to face Arsenal !

Is it tough draw for Besiktas or Arsenal ?

If you read British media , it is tough draw for Arsenal !
If you read Turkish media, it tough draw for Besiktas !

What ever the case, it will be very good match ....

Arsenal will visit Istanbul first and second leg match will be in London .

Demba Ba should be big factor for Besiktas against Arsenal !

But, Besiktas has to be ready as a whole team for the two leg matches ...

Arsenal will travel to Istanbul August 19-20  and second leg match will be in London following week .

Also , Trabzon will face Rostov and Karabukspor will face Barrages in the Europa league  competition.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Demba Ba's hat trick takes Besiktas to Champions League one step closer !

It was Ba's second match with Besiktas uniform and first official match in Istanbul in front of die hard Besiktas fans  at Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul.....

Over 50 thousand Besiktas fans ,  was awesome even before the match started .....

With that , 12th man power, Besiktas scored first.

Fist goal basically was a little luck but  it was a work of Mustafa Pektemek !

It was excellent assist by Pektemek... He should have score that  goal too ...

Besiktas wasted many chances after the first goal  ....

And Feyenoord found away to tied the match Elvis Menu in the sixteen minute .

While everyone who was Besiktas fans were saying " here we go again ! "

Olcay, Mustafa and  Demba Ba was clicking better after the Feyenoord's goal ...

After six minutes later  of Feyenoord's goal , Demba Ba scored  Besiktas's and his second goal of the match !

Demba Ba scored his third goal  4 minutes to go in the match .....

His third goal was from  poor back pass from Feyenoords player but very smart play by Demba Ba !

First time in Besiktas's history , Besiktas player scored hat trick in the European competition ...

And also, it was first time , Besiktas eliminated Dutch team  !

Yes, Demba Ba factor was big in this match......

Besiktas need it goalscorer and a striker who takes shot on goal !

Demba Ba is  that player , this season.....

I just hope  Demba Ba,  will have injury free season with Besiktas ..

Now, Besiktas will wait for their next opponent.....

On Friday ,we will find out who will they face.....

There are some strong teams in the next round .